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New Vicon Andex 1505

Vicon Introduces New Groundbreaking Innovations with GEOSWATH


Vicon launches its new GEOSWATH solution for its 15m rake, making efficient swathing possible. GEOSWATH aims at preparing the ideal and perfect swath for the following machine, keeping up speed and pace of the complete harvesting system.


The Vicon Andex 1505 is an exceptionally productive four-rotor rake providing an immense working capacity of 15m. Combining the already launched GEORAKE (automatic section and headland control) with GEOSWATH makes the Andex 1505 a very efficient tool in preparing optimised swaths, minimising waste and significantly improving output.

Makes Your Complete System More Efficient

A professional and well done raking job is all about making the machine that follows and picks up the crop look good. The rake must have enough capacity to keep up with the complete harvesting chain and speed of the following machine, to ensure your harvesting system stays efficient, without any bottle necks. At the same time the quality of the raking job and swaths produced determines the quality of the job done by the following machine and eventually the end result.

Choose Your Strategy for Efficient Swathing

GEOSWATH makes straight and easy to pick-up swaths out of curvy fields. Instead of a swath that constantly follows the curves of the field, GEOSWATH levels out the curves for straight swaths. You can basically choose for 3 strategies, when straightening up the swaths. If the field has only smaller curves on the outside of the field, you can choose to straighten up this swath immediately, by driving in a straight line and automatically move the outer rotor in and out. If the field is curved, driver can choose to drive in a straight line and use the automatic section control of the rotors to individually lift each rotor when it reaches already prepared swaths or borders of the field. If the field is highly curved, the first number of passes will be used to gradually level out the swaths and make them straight.

“GEOSWATH and GEORAKE fundamentally change the work of a rake as we know it today. Our ambition is to maximise the output of the raking job by preparing excellent swaths that can be easily picked up by the following machines. We have made raking smart and clever” said Sebastian Hagemann, Product Manager for Hay Tools and Smart Farming.

Smart Solution for Corners and Tight Curves

When picking up prepared swaths in corners or tight curves on headlands there is a high risk of missing out on the complete swath – that crop is left behind if the driver doesn’t slow down and hence loses speed and momentum.

GEOSWATH compensates for this and prepares a narrower swath when raking around corners. This is done by automatically moving the two rear rotors a bit to the inside. The driver of the following machine can keep up speed without missing out on picking up the complete crop. Speed is kept and no crop is wasted.

Tackles the Corners – Leaves no Crop Behind

When raking corners on headlands it is a classic challenge that you miss out on the crop right at the corner, and this is left as waste. GEOSWATH provides a solution for this as well. When raking along borderlines the front rotor on the outside is moved in and gradually moved to the outside when approaching the corner, so that the rotors reach out completely in the corner, leaving no crop behind. When the corner is passed the rotor is automatically moved inside again. Easy and simple, without any stress for the driver.

Source: Kverneland Group

Vicon Andex 1505 on LECTURA Specs