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High Speed Pack (HSP) with DuoWrap and OptiSpeed for optimization of wrapping speed

The High Speed Pack (HSP) now brings the output capacity of a turntable wrapper to a higher level.


For many years bale wrapping technology could easily be classified into two distinct categories - traditional turntable wrappers, and higher performance satellite wrappers.

Vicon have now upgraded the performance of their BW2100C and BW2600C models with the introduction of twin film dispensers and the addition of a clever new system to optimise turntable rotation speed.

The High Speed Pack (HSP) now brings the output capacity of a turntable wrapper close to the working speed of a satellite wrapper in the best working conditions, but at a more reasonable cost.

The HSP is a combination of two developments. The first, DuoWrap allows wrapping with two film rolls at the same time. Achieving film overlap of 66%, the time to cover the bale is reduced by one third. The second development, named OptiSpeed, is electronic control of the wrapper table rotation speed.

As the name suggests, OptiSpeed optimises the rotation speed of the table to allow the fastest wrapping possible in all conditions without being limited to fixed values.

This means that when wrapping in hilly conditions or with poorly shaped bales, the speed will slow down automatically and in flat fields and with well-shaped bales the speed will increase without risk.

The system works by utilising an accelerometer to measure any instability on the wrapping table. The table speed is increased automatically, but if any instability is detected the table speed is immediately reduced.

Output potential on a wrapper equipped with DuoWrap and OptiSpeed results in these new models having an output comparable with much more expensive twin satellite wrappers, while at the same time reducing stress on the operator, who can safely operate the machine at peak efficiency at all times and in all conditions.

HSP option will be available on the BW 2100C fully mounted model and the BW 2600C heavy duty trailed models.

Source: Kverneland Group