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New Vicon Shredex 864 Bale Chopper

New Design Provides More Shredding Capacity


The new Shredex 864 from Vicon is an efficient bale chopper that makes an easier job of shredding material, with added capacity in all aspects. It is designed for more capacity than the previous Shredex 853, reaching longer distances. With a completely redesigned drum and flywheel configuration it offers significantly higher through put and impressive blowing distances of up to 22-25m.

Larger Flywheel Housing for More Capacity

The Vicon Shredex 864 has grown its dimensions in all aspects with a massive 4.2m³ chamber size. It handles 2.1m diameter round bales and its longer body design provides even better support and stability for large square bales.

The drum and flywheel has been redesigned from the previous Shredex 853 model, offering significantly higher capacity and 25% more through put. The shredding drum with a new slimmer design is fitted with redesigned cutting teeth, to provide a more aggressive cut and guidance of material into the flywheel. This means more material is fed faster into the flywheel, finishing the bale and job at an impressive pace.

The flywheel housing and blowing paddles have increased in size to correspond with handling more material at higher speed and efficiently transport the material into the chute. Even the chute has increased in width to bring capacity to a new level.

Excellent Blowing Capacity

The six redesigned blowing paddles, fitted onto the flywheel, provide an efficient and rapid cleaning of the housing and direct material into the chute. Depending on material and conditions of the barn it can blow up to 22-25m, which allows the farmer to reach the most distant corners of the barn. The hydraulically driven swivel chute operates in 3 stages which optimises the blowing distance when bedding. Shredex 864 is also available with a side chute.

Pro Efficiency, Anti Blockage

The Drum Feed Control System (DFCS) is a specific Vicon feature for blockage free operation when feeding loose material. It is a simple and reliable system, which includes a powerful electric cylinder and comb positioned above the drum. During loading the DFCS is engaged, which means that the comb is in a lowered position. This ensures that blockages of the flywheel are minimised during the start up process in loose materials. Once the flywheel speed is at a sufficient level, all you need to do is to push a button and the DFCS comb will be gradually disengaged and open for full flow through the flywheel.

A new feature of Shredex 864 is the integrated stone trap positioned at the bottom of the floor conveyor. Foreign objects are separated from the material and easily removed afterwards.

Source: Kverneland Group