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Performing better in demolition

Massive concrete structures were cut up using KEMROC cutting wheels, among other things, to create space for a new residential quarter in Weingarten.
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Massive concrete structures were cut up using KEMROC cutting wheels, among other things, to create space for a new residential quarter in Weingarten.


Convincing applications of DMW cutter wheels


Around 1,200 participants come together in Berlin at the "Fachtagung Abbruch 2024", Europe´s biggest conference on demolition and dismantling. Around 120 exhibitors from the supplier industry are taking part in the accompanying exhibition. Among them, the manufacturer KEMROC will be showcasing its innovative excavator attachments for cutting and milling. The cutting wheels from the DMW series, for example, have already proven themselves many times over in complex demolition and dismantling projects.

Hammers or shears – many demolition companies often still approach their projects with this question in mind. Both types of excavator attachment tools have their specific advantages and disadvantages. Excavator attachments from KEMROC, including cutting wheels from the DMW series, are therefore a useful addition. The manufacturer will be presenting them, along with a selection of other excavator attachments for use in construction, demolition, and dismantling, to a wide audience at the "Fachtagung Abbruch 2024", Europe´s largest demolition conference in Berlin. 

During the excavation of the Trimberg tunnel, miners used a KEMROC cutting wheel to remove a temporary calotte base made of shotcrete.  <br>IMAGE SOURCE: KEMROC

Examples of successful applications

"Revolution of Cutting" – true to this striking slogan, the manufacturer is continuing the success story of its special cutting and milling attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders. With these machines and their joysticks in the excavator cabs, their operators literally have it in their hands to carry out complex tasks in difficult spatial conditions. The DMW series cutting wheels from KEMROC have played a significant role in this success story. The manufacturer produces these machines in four series for excavators with an operating weight of 14 to 60 tonnes. Two high-torque hydraulic motors on the side of each machine ensure high drive power and maximum cutting forces in hard rock and heavily reinforced concrete. Various cutting wheel variants and tooling are opening a wide range of applications, also in combination with other excavator attachments – here are four examples from Germany.

Using a KEMROC cutting wheel, the cantilevers of the old Saar highway bridge were cut crosswise and later removed piece by piece.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: KEMROC

Trimberg Tunnel (Hesse): When excavating both tubes of this 600 m long tunnel on the A44 highway, the miners from the HOCHTIEF/Züblin consortium had to deal with difficult geology and had to install temporary shotcrete calotte bases. When dismantling them, they used a KEMROC DMW 130 cutting wheel on a 23-tonne excavator to cleanly separate the concrete from the subsoil and reuse it as a valuable building material.

Saarlouis highway junction (Saarland): A new construction has replaced the old Saar bridge here. Demolition specialists from the Max Wild construction company used a KEMROC DMW 220 cutting wheel on a 40-tonne excavator to dismantle the cantilever arms of the bridge body and the central slab between the two box girders. The resulting concrete segments were then removed from the structure by crane and crushed on the riverbank.

Weingarten city centre (Baden-Wurttemberg): Here, the demolition company CK Abbruch removed the foundations of a former industrial complex to make way for a new residential area. In accordance with the contract, this work in an inner-city location had to be carried out with low noise and vibration levels. The demolition experts used two excavators, each with a combination of a DMW 220 HD cutting wheel and a KR series rotary drum cutter from KEMROC.

Kassel sewage treatment plant (Hesse): Two old stormwater overflow basins had to be replaced with new, larger basins. When demolishing the massive, ring-shaped basin edges, the contractor Schnittger relied on DMW cutting wheels from KEMROC. The first basin was crushed quickly, quietly and with little vibration using a DMW 130 model on a 40-tonne excavator. Demolition of the second basin was even faster with a larger DMW 220 model at the same excavator.

Massive concrete structures were cut up using KEMROC cutting wheels, among other things, to create space for a new residential quarter in Weingarten.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: KEMROC

According to Enrico Trender, Sales Manager at KEMROC, excavator attachments from KEMROC still have a lot of potential for carrying out complex demolition projects with low noise and vibration levels as well as in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly manner: "In cooperation with our customers from the industry, we are constantly developing new demolition methods tailored to individual requirements."


Source: KEMROC Spezialmaschinen GmbH