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Rapid development the norm at Rototilt

Much has happened since the first serial produced tiltrotator saw the light of day in 1986. Since then, Rototilt has pushed development forwards with a steady flow of improvements to the entire tiltrotator system. “The industry is developing fast and machines are used increasingly more. Our products are subjected to immense forces and require extraordinary engineering skills to develop,” says Sven-Roger Ekström, product manager at Rototilt.

As the construction industry develops globally with new modern machines and work methods, higher demands are also placed on the tiltrotator system. Rototilt has always worked with continuous improvements according to its core values of Precision, Commitment and Added Value.

  • “Reliability, performance, functionality and service life are all extremely important for contractors. This places substantial demands on design, assembly and components. Our two-year warranty on tiltrotators entails an important promise to our customers.”

Rototilt works methodically and always with an ear to the ground through internal follow-ups from the support department, inviting opinions at trade fairs and through direct contact with operators.

  •  “We implement thousands of changes each year – some minor, some major. To retain our leading position, development can never stop. Preventive action and analysis of test results are everything for us,” concludes Sven-Roger Ekström.

Four examples of major product enhancements:

  •   Tiltrotators R5, R6 and R8 have been equipped with a new worm gear with even better geometry and built-in lubrication channels, providing softer operation, lower friction and longer service life. At the same time, a high pressure seal has been introduced behind the hydraulic motor.

  • Tiltrotator R8 comes with significantly enhanced sliding bearings, keeping the rotor housing tight and consequently improving lubrication.

  • New sensor solution for Rototilt’s Positioning Solution (RPS). It provides increased precision in integration to the excavator system.

  • Even more ready-to-use machine-specific kits for shortening installation by hours. Complete lengths of cabling and custom control systems save time and assure the quality of the tiltrotator system prior to delivery. 

Source: Rototilt