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Mercedes-Benz Atego

The Atego – a solid construction worker in the medium-duty truck segment

  • Versatile truck for the building industry and building materials industry

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    Four cab versions measuring 2.3 m in width

  • A modern workplace with high-level ride and suspension comfort

  • Frugal four and six-cylinder engines as power units

  • Manual and automated manual transmissions are available

Besides the Actros and Arocs, the powerful A-Team from Mercedes-Benz also includes the Mercedes-Benz Atego. The operation-specific Atego range for the building industry extends from 7.49 t to 16 t permissible gross vehicle weight. The economic and functional Atego benefits from its own vast experience in this domain: Mercedes-Benz has been producing this truck for more than 20 years and it is now in its third generation. This manoeuvrable medium-heavy segment truck further rounds off the lower end of the construction-site vehicle range. Its strength lies in its versatility in the building industry and building materials industry. Thanks to its compact design and versatile body and assembly options, every job is easy for it to handle.

The Atego's individuality begins in the cab. There are four cab versions to choose from. Ideal for narrow alleyways and courtyards, the narrow ClassicSpace S cab with a width of 2.3 m is ideal for tippers in the short wheelbase or the extended 180 mm versions. It features compact external dimensions with ample space inside. Despite the driven front axle, even the 4x4 variants of the Atego are still 2.3 m wide. Depending on the field of application, there is a choice between engageable and permanent all-wheel drive for increased off-road traction.

The Atego workplace is characterised by a comfortably low entrance, two variants of the versatile instrument cluster, a multifunctional steering wheel and outstanding ergonomics. For a high standard of ride and suspension comfort on and off the beaten track, the Atego is equipped with weight-optimised multi-leaf parabolic springs. In addition, buyers can choose between steel/air suspension and full air suspension.

Drive power is provided by four and six-cylinder engines

Drive is provided by two differently-dimensioned engines with a total of seven output levels. The efficient four and six-cylinder engines deliver a lot and consume little. The 5.1 l four-cylinder in-line engine (OM 934) generates an output of 115 to 170 kW (156 to 231 hp) and 650 to 900 Nm of maximum torque. The 7.7 l in-line six-cylinder engine (OM 936), on the other hand, produces 175 to 220 kW (238 to 299 hp) and a torque of 1000 to 1200 Nm.


The three-stage engageable engine brake with up to 235 kW braking power is available as standard for Atego models from 9.5 t gross vehicle weight and reduces wear on the service brake. The "High Performance Engine Brake" continuous brake delivering up to 300 kW brake power is optionally available for even greater safety.

A choice of transmissions to suit various operating conditions

Power transmission in the Atego is provided as standard by the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift system with six, eight or nine gears. The two drive programs "Power" or "Offroad" with engageable driving modes adapt the Atego to the individual operation. The automated gearshift system ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high ride comfort and high economic efficiency. Alternatively, manual transmissions with pneumatic gearshift assistance and six or nine gears are also available for the Atego.

Source: Daimler Communications