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New tool for Rototilts tiltrotator system

Rototilt is introducing a new screening bucket and new ripper to its assortment. "Just like our other tools, they’re optimised for use with tiltrotators," says Rototilt tool designer Kenneth Aslaksen.


Last year, Rototilt launched an entirely new bucket line with meticulously engineered geometry and smart material selections. Sales for the new buckets have been excellent and the customers want more. Rototilt are now broadening the portfolio with two new tools, a screening bucket and a ripper.

  •   “It’s all about a complete system designed for interoperability – machine, tiltrotator, control system and tools,” says Aslaksen. “The product portfolio has been broadened to meet customer demand for an optimized line of tools. Buying everything from the same supplier, customers can be sure that everything will work together. And that means a lot.”

The screening bucket is based on the same principle as Rototilt's universal bucket with, for example, high quality steel and a reinforced bucket roof. Four different models are available for machines between 12 and 25 tons, and S60 or S70 brackets. Steel qualities HB450 and HB500 are used on exposed parts and ribs. The same as Rototilts other buckets, the blade is manufactured in HB500 steel.

A ripper is an excellent tool for hard and even frozen surfaces. Rototilt's ripper is designed with an angle that perfectly matches the tiltrotator geometry. It retains the power of the machine. Designed with the J-tooth system, changing worn tools is easy. This is a tool designed for those truly tough jobs.

Source: Rototilt