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ROCKWOOL China Spearheads Chinese Stone Wool Quality Alliance

The Alliance held its first event on the 23rd April in Yinchuan, capital city of Ningzia Autonomous Region in West China.

Supported by CABEE and Ningxia Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (NXDOHURD), the half-day event attracted professionals and industry practitioners from government bodies, developers, design institutes and engineering companies, as well as encouraging involvement from members of the academic community. 

During the seminar, various participants delivered speeches and presentations addressing the concerns and confusions about stone wool while sharing up-to-date, relevant knowledge of the sector in terms of production, application, health and environment, and fire safety. 

“The building industry is keen to be more informed about the latest insulation technology”, said Mr. Sui Feng, head of Building Energy Efficiency Division of NXDOHURD, after the seminar. “With the building market developing so rapidly in recent years, professionals are eager to catch up with industry trends. The Alliance has been formed just at the right time; Ningxia urgently needs a suitable and practical solution to meet the demand of building energy efficiency without compromising fire safety, and CSWQA will provide just this”.

As a key driver of the alliance, Peter Yan, Director of Public Affairs for ROCKWOOL China, delivered an opening note at the seminar on behalf of all founding members of the Alliance, introducing the background context and overall mission, before stressing the tangible impact this project will have on the Chinese community.