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ROCKWOOL insulation receive high acclaim in major Danish refurbishment project

Renovation of 854 apartments in three towers is underway at apartment building “Grantoften” near Copenhagen where residents look forward to better and warmer homes.

One of the affected tenants is department chairman Jette Fesner who says:

"We have felt the impact of the external thermal renovation right away. My apartment was previously very cold in the bedroom and the kitchen. Now it has warmed by 3 degrees - and it makes a huge difference. The indoor environment has become much more enjoyable. "

Better energy solution and better total economy

Renovation of the building from 1968 has used ROCKWOOL REDAir FLEX ventilated façade system for external re-insulation. It is mounted on the existing concrete façade elements. Niels Ole Overgaard from architect firm Paludan & Ramsager says:

"At first we had planned with a traditional façade solution but decided to change when we became aware of REDAir FLEX system. We found that the system guarantees a facade nearly free of thermal bridges. It is also easy to mount, with few building processes. The result is that we both have a better insulation solution and an improved overall economy. "

Easy and simple to work with

The contractor responsible for installation was also positive. Brian Hasfeldt, Project Director of NCC, said:

"We’ve experienced that the system is simple and easy to work with, so installation goes fast. The materials have proven fire safety, which means that we can meet the fire safety requirements for buildings over five stories."

The weather forecast doesn’t delay progress

Usually, Danish weather is a challenge for contractors, but here the system also has an advantage:

"REDAir system can be exposed to weather, so we can work in all conditions. It also means that we don’t need to cover the scaffolds. This makes it less dark in the apartment during the renovation for the benefit of the residents, "says Brian Hasfeldt.

Windows mounted with less risk of thermal bridges

The project has also used another ROCKWOOL system as an installation base for the windows named REDAir LINK system. Client adviser Niels Ole Overgaard says:

"The windows are positioned well out in the insulation, so here we should have a robust and thermal bridge free solution. REDAir Link system uses hard-pressed insulation as an in-organic support frame for the windows. It has made it simple to install and close around the windows in this highly insulated facade."