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SECMAIR-BREINING, the world leader in road maintenance machinery

CMAIRSE-BREINING has the most complete line of road maintenance machinery. From surface dressing to cold mix asphalt, as well as crack bridging and pothole treatment, SECMAIR-BREINING has a solution for every road pathology.


Presently, the production of SECMAIR-BREINING products is located on a single production site. This unique platform guarantees more industrialised products alongside transverse components which provide better reliability and even more effective after-sales services.

SECMAIR is continuing its route across the world with its Synchronous Chipspreader (SC) which is still the company’s flagship product. This year the 1000th SC for the French market will leave the Cossé le Vivien factories in the Mayenne region of France, as well as the 250th for the export market.

SECMAIR is continuously innovating with this product. The SECMAIR Chipsealer, which is mainly used to patch roads, is becoming automated. Public works companies looking for worker and user safety as well as quality, accurate work, can now use the SMART ROAD PATCH technology on their machines.

SMART ROAD PATCH is a function that has been built into a more general concept called E TRAXX. The E TRAXX solution is a full traceability system for road maintenance that uses artificial intelligence.

  1. Automated chip sealing for partial treatment (patching) using a synchronous chipspreader (SC).

  2. Full traceability of maintenance work (Surface dressing, cold mix asphalt).

Our SMART ROAD PATCH system consists in viewing the road using cameras. An image recognition system is used to trigger immediate spraying on surfaces to be treated (cracking, crazing, etc.) Operators can deselect the zones to be treated if they consider it useful.

Works data is collected. SECMAIR designs and builds the data collection module. The data management platform is operated by a data processing and archival specialist, making it possible to guarantee the availability of the data, methodical prioritisation and high levels of security.

Beyond the technology to provide full works traceability, the machine is also fitted with image recognition software that can detect road damage.

As a result, in a single pass and without any specific driver training, the machine can treat cracks in the road.

SECMAIR-BREINING also presents its latest innovation: the CEPIA. This simple and very ingenious machine is used to carry out chipsealing and the spreading of hot and cold mix asphalt which are traditionally manual tasks.

The new CEPIA concept revolutionises manual asphalt spreading by increasing productivity. It offers the same quality as mechanical spreading, reduces labour and also considerably reduces the harshness of working conditions for the operatives. CEPIA is also a chipsealer that can be used on the smallest chipsealing tasks while giving the quality of major roadworks.

Beyond providing high quality compared to manual work, CEPIA is an essential product in the fight against muscular-skeletal disorders and operator health and safety.

Finally, the PICK & SPRAY prototype will be exhibited as a worldwide premier at BAUMA 2019

PICK & SPRAY is an emulsion mini-sprayer concept that can be fitted to several types of carrier.

This mini-sprayer is designed to specifically apply the tack coat before hot mix is poured.

It is a highly compact machine that can move easily on all types of road works, including the most narrow areas, in particular in urban areas.

The PICK & SPRAY is a module that can be fitted to:

  • A pick up truck

  • A farm tractor

  • A trailer

  • A truck

Source: SECMAIR; Fayat Group