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KUHN Smart ploughing

« Smart Ploughing » innovation: Silver Medal at AGRITECHNICA 2017

The latest innovation from KUHN, "Smart Ploughing" consists of automatically and individually lifting each plough thanks to a system which is fully integrated into the beam. For greater comfort and precision, lifting is triggered by GPS data. Geolocating the plough allows us to automate the furrow start and end points, obtaining uniform and reproducible results whatever the working conditions and whatever the shape of the field.

Comparatif avec-sans Smart Ploughing


The Section Control on ploughs for which a patent has been filed by KUHN, is a major step forward in ploughing technology and recipient of the Silver Medal for innovation at AGRITECHNICA 2017.

  • Improving ploughing performance 
    The "Smart Ploughing" system ensures uniform ploughing across the whole surface of your field, with the capacity to retract each plough rapidly and cleanly in order to eliminate the Z-shaped furrow edge. Overlap at the end of the furrows is kept to a strict minimum, ensuring that topsoil residue is buried effectively and reducing headland compaction.

  • Easier than ever to use
    Establishing a clear, undisturbed line between the furrows and the unploughed surface greatly reduces jolts and bouncing when turning on headlands.
    Automated lifting, with the help of GPS technology, makes ploughing easier and allows the driver to concentrate fully on driving the tractor.

  • Save time and boost profitability
    Reducing the number of times the tractor passes over the headland has beneficial effects for the whole cultivation process, as it is no longer necessary to level off or slow down the tractor at the end of the field. This new, easier-to-use plough means that effective ploughing no longer demands years of experience.

Source: KUHN S.A


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