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Stone Master semi-trailer dumper from Fliegl - sustainable design for economical and ecological use from day one

Vehicles for the construction industry need to meet a wide range of requirements. At Booth FN 826/1 in the Freigelände Nord, Fliegl demonstrates how these requirements can be realised in an elegantly and sustainably designed tipper trailer.


New: The tapered body in original Hardox HB 450 with its angled bulkhead is optimally matched to the “Curved“ chassis. This combination ensures both high stability and an excellent weight balance. Moreover, the tapered design means that a smaller tipping angle is required to ensure optimum discharge of the load. The trough-shaped body is only 1,450 mm high. This means a low centre of gravity, while the low loading height facilitates loading from the side, and the top edge of the body does not protrude beyond the tractor unit, which significantly reduces consumption. Despite its extensive range of equipment and a volume of around 25 m³, the vehicle on display at the fair weighs only about 5,500 kg, making it one of the lightest in this segment. Semi-trailer tippers with a steel half-shell body are used wherever an optimum payload is required in difficult terrain and with challenging loads such as rubble or hard demolition waste. Many details of the vehicle on display at the BAUMA have been modified to provide optimum customer benefit.

Technical data: The Stone Master convinces with innovative details. For example, Fliegl was the first manufacturer to produce the patented “Curved” chassis in series. With all the known advantages which steel offers in chassis construction, the “Curved” chassis is almost as lightweight as an chassis made from the more expensive and sensitive material aluminium. The low neck height of only 180 mm reduces the overall height of the body – the centre of gravity of the load is therefore lower, ensuring greater driving safety and tipping stability. This semi-trailer tipper is designed primarily for use on construction and demolition sites and for transporting rubble, rocks and, for example, heavy boulders. Both the “Curved” chassis and the robust body in original Hardox HB 450 take short distances and extremely frequent tipping cycles with high loads equally in their stride. Over long distances, too, the DHKS 390 offers real advantages for the operator. The combination of the “Curved” chassis design, tapered body and convex diaphragm rear panel ensures an excellent drag coefficient, thereby cutting fuel costs. And the fact that the body is only 1,450 mm high and does not protrude beyond the tractor unit reduces additional air resistance. In-house measurement indicates that this alone reduces fuel consumption by 8%. A further highlight is the automatic folding underride guard which is automatically raised by robust pneumatic components during the tipping process. And the paver-compatible underride guard can also be raised manually – which is by no means a given. The bulkhead is sloped at an angle of 21°, making it easier to unload cohesive loads and ensuring better weight distribution. The automatic lift axle, which can also be operated via the tractor unit, can also be used as an approach aid. Lifting the axle increases the semi-trailer pressure, giving the tractor unit sufficient grip, even on slippery ground.

Advantages: Other important factors in addition to the robust technology are the environment and sustainability: as the “Curved” chassis is manufactured entirely in Triptis, transportation is not required. Once again, this demonstrates that for Fliegl, sustainability is a priority right from the design process and that it applies this principle consistently: Economy and ecology go hand in hand, leading to maximum efficiency. The “Curved” chassis has many other points in its favour. In addition to offering high stability, it makes coupling much easier, as it gives the operator a better view of the critical area. Axle load detection in the semi-trailer, controlled via EBS, informs the driver in the cab reliably of the load weight. Original Hardox HB 450 steel is used exclusively in the body. This ensures outstanding abrasion resistance even with abrasive loads and at the same time means low weight. The walls and floor of the semi-trailer tipper on display are 4 mm thick throughout, while in the last third, which is subjected to particularly high loads, the floor is 5 mm thick. In addition, the Hardox is underlaid with 4 mm of steel in the area of the top rail. This provides effective protection against damage during the loading process.

The diaphragm rear panel typical of Fliegl trailers is designed as a pendulum flap and locked with two external hooks. If required, two additional clamping bolts with knee joint locks ensure perfect sealing of the tail gate. On the semi-trailer tippers, too, the axles are calibrated by laser. This reduces wear and minimises fuel costs.

Options: The semi-trailer tipper on show at the trade fair is equipped with a wide range of equipment options which are extremely practical and make the driver’s work easier. These include full LED lighting and additional LED reversing lights. The automatic axle lift with approach aid is also helpful, as is automatic lowering during the tipping process. The electric sliding roof cover can be operated from the semi-trailer as well as via remote control. The holders for shovel and broom are within easy reach, as are the side-mounted ladders. There are many other optional items available, rounding off the range of equipment without increasing the weight unnecessarily. Summary: Economy and ecology – hand in hand. The semi-trailer tipper of type DHKS 390 Stone Master is impressive proof of this The tapered steel half-shell body offers a volume of almost 25 m³, while the steel chassis in “Curved” design and only 180 mm high ensures high stability and extremely easy coupling. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the semitrailer tipper on display weighs only around 5,500 kg.

The body in original Hardox HB 450 stands for a long service life, even in heavy use. The electric sliding roof cover offers convenience and safety for the driver, while the low, round-bellied body means a low centre of gravity and significantly reduces drag coefficients. Its low weight, user-friendly details, a comprehensive range of optional equipment and low life-cycle costs make this semi-trailer tipper equally perfect for fleet use and for operators with individual wishes with respect to equipment and appearance. Lower emissions – greater environmental protection – Fliegl’s Stone Master represents an active commitment to sustainability. Prompt availability, even of large quantities, is ensured through series production at the Triptis site. 

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH