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Technical insulation becomes an energy-efficient solution to India´s energy problems

India’s population expects to get a boost in its energy needs through power plants insulated with ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation for technical installations

The energy consumption in India is expected to double by 2019, with demand rapidly outstripping supply and as many as 400 million Indians are still not connected to the grid. The Indian government estimates an investment of US$250 billion is needed to tackle its energy shortages.

To help ramp up its existing capacity, India recently signed an agreement with Russia to construct at least 12 nuclear power plants in the next 20 years. Even so, thermal power plants continue to generate 65% of India’s electricity, with most of them being coal-based; retaining its essential role in India’s energy mix.

ROXUL ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION India Private Limited is supporting the energy efficiency requirements of India through the supply of technical insulation materials to four power plants located across country.  The Thermal Powertech Corporation India, Akaltara Ultra Mega Power, Rajpura Thermal Power Plant and Koradi Thermal Power Station have in total about 7,000MW of installed capacity. 

Jeff Wilcox, Managing Director of ROCKWOOL South Asia, says, “Insulation of hot industrial processes represents a huge economic potential and the energy and CO2 savings are ten thousand-fold greater than the investment. Less energy wasted means wider access to affordable energy in society”.

All these power plants are coal-based, hence energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions and other pollutants are important aspects for the operation of the plants.

ROXUL ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION India –part of the ROCKWOOL Group – provides innovative stone wool insulation solutions for buildings and industrial applications. Especially for the process and power generated industry, ROXUL ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION India  offers a range of solutions for technical installations called “ProRox”.

ProRox increases thermal efficiency, save energy and protect the environment by insulating the pipework, boilers, wall, hoppers and stacks in the plants.

By supplying its technical insulation solutions to upcoming power plants, ROXUL ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION India is playing a key role in helping their customers to supply uninterrupted power to India’s 1.2 billion people.