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The answer today to tomorrow's challenges … AUROCK 6000 R and AUROCK 6000 RC seed drills

Since the 2000s, farming practices have evolved considerably to the point of conservation agriculture. Conservation agriculture is based on three main principles: maximum soil cover, no ploughing, and long and diversified rotations. It has many advantages: soil protection against erosion, improved soil structure and biological activity, less compaction, better moisture levels… With conservation agriculture it is necessary to rethink the cropping system as a whole using a global vision and taking all system interactions into account. For different historical and economic reasons, ploughing is replaced in the rotation by varying degrees of shallow tillage, so conservation agriculture includes both minimum tillage and direct seeding. Seeding is the crucial step in direct seeding as it is the only operation. With over 40 years’ experience in the field, KUHN has launched the AUROCK 6000 R and AUROCK 6000 RC seed drills with a width of 6m. They are equipped with triple discs to optimize min-till, direct seeding and mulch-based crop establishment.


The AUROCK seed drill with a working width of 6 m is available in single (R) and dual metering unit (RC) versions to give more possibilities. It is possible to mix two different varieties in one seeding unit or to sow alternate rows while managing seeding depth independently. The AUROCK seed drill is highly modular and can be equipped with an integrated cutter roller with adjustable pressure that operates effectively in all types of cover. The transport wheels are positioned between the opener disc and the coulter bar. The machine can also be equipped (optional) with a full-width wheel train for mintill seeding. The offset press wheels prevent soil from building up at the front and enhance machine versatility, for more than just direct seeding. They facilitate residue flow-through and reduce traction-power requirement. A Diameter of 900 mm reduces rolling resistance.

The furrow is created at the front of the AUROCK seed drill by two rows of opener discs. Two types of disc are available to adapt to different conditions: A 460mm diameter wavy disc to work on prepared soil with the possibility of soil expansion, A 430 mm diameter embossed disc for cutting residues efficiently and minimising soil ejection.

Seeds are placed in the furrow by the seeding unit with parallelogram-mounted double discs. Delivery accuracy is optimal and ground following perfect. With a central pivot point between the coulter bar and the chassis, seeds are delivered into the furrow and the seeding unit follows the opener disc perfectly on slopes and when turning. The opener disc and seeding unit create the triple-disc concept that we have remained faithful to for over 40 years.

The AUROCK seed drill is an ISOBUS compatible machine, available with CCI 1200 or CCI 50 terminals (ISOBUS certified by the AEF). For extra comfort, a joystick is available as an option. Whatever control terminal is chosen, the operator has a user-friendly and intuitive interface developed especially by KUHN. A simple press of a button at the headland activates successive front-tool lift, and then stops the metering unit(s), ensuring perfect seeding to the edge of the field. It’s the guarantee that no seed remains on the surface, a problem often encountered with direct seeding. AUROCK 6000 R and AUROCK 6000 RC seed drills with 6m working widths come with 3,500 and 5,000 l capacities respectively.

Source: Kuhn