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Blaney sprayer

The Blaney TGS range of grassland sprayers are a high specification range of sprayers which are compact and easy to use

A low centre of gravity design gives more stability while working on slopes. Combined with the close mounted, slim-line design there is improved front axle balance allowing a smaller tractor to be used.


With 20 years experience in manufacturing spraying equipment we have become accustomed to utilizing processes and materials for outstanding performance which have proven to stand the test of time.


The Blaney TGS sprayer range utilises high specification pumps. These are all positive displacement triple diaphragm pumps that are oil filled and self priming to achieve excellent performance. The pumps provide excellent resistance to any abrasion and corrosive chemicals for longer life. A high performance control system along with the standard anti-drip nozzles prevent chemical leaking from the nozzles, and ensures they only spray once the optimum pressure has built up in the line. Blaney also offer a compact 230L sprayer equipped with an 11.5LPM pump and a 4m or 6m boom.

For smaller applications why not try our ATV Sprayers & booms manufactured by Quad-X our ATV machinery division, available in 60L – 230L capacity with optional booms to cover 16ft.

Source: Blaney