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LECTURA Rating Report

LECTURA presents brand reliability rating report

It is difficult to determine, what the end user’s impression of brands and manufacturers in the heavy machinery world is. But LECTURA has found a way.

This report presents 7.088 brand reliability ratings from people who have seen but not operated specific machines on LECTURA Specs. Although this target group may have limited experience with a particular brand, this survey clearly focuses on the impression, opinion and general perception of the brand in question.

In a period between October 2017 and March 2018, LECTURA has been able to collect a total of 35.500 responses from over 200 countries.

The source for this rating report is LECTURA Specs, a highly specialized platform for machine specialists, for obtaining machine information.

See the full report here >> Rating Report - Brand Reliability

Source: LECTURA GmbH Verlag