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Power Shredder 2™

Blaney have pioneered mowers for a fine chop in extreme conditions without the need for big HP

Left to its own devices your pasture will become choked with weeds which will stunt the growth of healthy grass.


The Blaney range of Power Shredder 2™ mowers are an evolution of conventional flail and mulcher mowers, giving an extreme hyperchop and ensuring faster travel speeds. With finer chopped material, more cut edges results in faster decomposition.

The Power Shredders 2™ are a vital tool in topping and maintaining well-kept green pastures, essential to the health and well-being of your stock grazing them. The range is designed for and tested to cope with the densest of weeds including rushes, which no other competing brand can deal with.

The Power Shredders 2™ are equally effective for topping grassland areas, and tackling weeds such as docks, nettles and thistles, bracken and ragwort allowing you to work at faster travel speeds, saving valuable time and fuel.

In today’s market, profitability for any landowner or farmer is essential,savings must be made where possible. The Power Shredder 2™ has been shown to reduce diesel by up to 12% compared to a tractor flail thanks to less load on the engine and greater efficiencies. It can also work at faster travel speeds, saving valuable time and giving a finer chop. Protect your single farm payment, optimize grazing and maximise profits.

For smaller applications or if you can’t access your ground with your tractor why not try our ATV Power Shredders manufactured by Quad-X our ATV machinery division, available in 1.3m – 1.5m cutting widths with optional engines sizes from 16HP – 23HP to tackle those wetter areas tractor can’t reach!

Source: Blaney