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Wheel Loader and Excavator Used as Cranes

Thanks to the Kiesel Multi Lifter, an innovative boom for excavators and wheel loaders, construction companies are now able to work at great heights of over 50 meters without using a special crane. The Multi Lifter is adapted directly at the available excavator or wheel loader of the client. This world first is presented to the public at this year’s bauma by K-TEG, a specialist for application-oriented and customer-focused machines and subsidiary of the Kiesel Group.


Almost every construction company has used excavators or wheel loaders in its fleet. The Kiesel Multi Lifter allows them to considerably extend their service spectrum without having to acquire a separate crane or lifting platform for telescopic jobs. Kiesel’s innovative special solution can now cover numerous applications, which usually require a tower crane.

Compact All-Terrain Telescopic Solution

Due to the cross-country mobility of the carrier machine, even rough terrain and uneven ground as found on most building sites or around wind turbines are easy to handle for this ideal combination of boom and carrier. Thanks to two independently operating telescope units, a pivot can be set at 18 meters height, resulting in a vertical reach of 20 meters. If needed, the upper telescopic unit can be straightened and thus, reaches the maximum working height.

At the end of the boom, additional attachments such as a crane unit or a lifting platform can be added. Thanks to a rotatable functional unit, the machine operator can swing the boom at an ankle of +/- 60 degrees in both directions and thus, is able to maneuver very precisely towards and within the desired working area.

Noticeable Advantages in Comparison to Conventional Crane Systems

The construction of the Multi Lifter uses the compact design and the manoeuverability of the excavator or wheel loader it is applied to. Furthermore, the carrier machine functions as a counter weight to the boom and consequently makes a complex base unnecessary – another advantage of the Multi Lifter in comparison to conventional crane systems.

System-integrated supports provide additional stability for the machine. If the position of the Multi Lifter needs to be changed during the working process, the excavator or wheel loader can be moved very easily and quickly - when using semi-stationary crane systems, this takes much longer and requires more efforts. The machine operator puts the Kiesel Multi Lifter on a trailer and simply disconnects it from the carrier machine.

With the Kiesel Multi Lifter, construction companies are able to considerably extend their service spectrum without having to purchase a crane. Once again, the Kiesel subsidiary and think tank K-TEG thus proves its thorough understanding of the construction industries’ needs and requirements and provides a compact, innovative solution for working in great heights.

At the bauma, three models of the Kiesel Multi Lifter will be on display. The company from Baienfurt will present the KML 100 as well as the KML30 in various arrangements. 

Source: wyynot GmbH, Werbeagentur, PR-Agentur