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Quick-Coupling System Successful in Material Handling

Kiesel Tool Quick Connect


The unique quick-coupling system Tool Quick Connect developed by system partner Kiesel provides the perfect system solution for all applications, a maximum of flexibility, and allows the individual use of various attachments. Working processes can be made safer and more efficient, thanks to this system.

The fully hydraulic quick-coupling system is attractive to companies concerned with material handling, using various attachments such as grabs of all kinds, magnet plates, and load hooks on a daily basis. The system can be adjusted to each user’s individual requirements, regardless of the handled material and its quality. Thus, this system is a versatile solution for every task related to material loading and handling, given that nearly every attachment can be integrated. With regard to the numerous attachments provided by Kiesel, the material handling machine turns into a diverse equipment carrier, which can complete a wide range of duties and tasks, increasing the capacity utilization of the machine. To use such a machine efficiently, the quick and safe change of attachments is absolutely essential.

Technically Unique Highlights Create Added Value

What is so special about the KTQC quick-coupling system? To change attachments, the machine operator can stay in the cabin. The OilQuick quick hitch has proven its worth over several years now and allows to safely and quickly change hydraulic, mechanical, and electric attachments within minutes while the operator can stay comfortably at the driver’s cabin. Even high-performance magnetic traverses can be used without any additional manual laying of cables – thanks to the patented integrated power leadthroughs. Since all attachments can be rotated by 360°, only one rotary motor is needed. Due to the fact that every application can be completed with the ideal attachment, a maximum of efficiency and utilization is guaranteed, resulting in a remarkable added value for the business. Additionally, companies can considerably broaden their spectrum of provided services very easily and without high investments simply by purchasing and using other attachments.

Unique and Reliable

Taking a look at the current situation on the market, there is no real alternative to the Kiesel Tool Quick Connect: no one provides an equally safe and quick option of changing attachments. Additionally, there is already a multitude of practical examples how TQC turns material handling machines into multifunctional equipment carriers: a company from the recycling sector uses a Fuchs MHL331TQC for handling iron filings. Due to the fact that orange peel grab, clamshell bucket, and magnet plate can be used alternately, the same machine can complete handling as well as cleaning.

Another company of the industry uses an orange peel grab, a magnetic plate, and a scrap shear in connection with a Fuchs MHL340D FQC in order to handle various materials and to dismantle steel constructions. Thus, the Fuchs has turned into a unified mobile scrap processor and flexible loading machine thanks to the interchangeable attachments – a combination of Fuchs Quick Connect and Kiesel Tool Quick Connect that really pays off for the company.

Source: wyynot GmbH, Werbeagentur, PR-Agentur