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Kiesel Demolition Robot for Interior Demolition

A Multi-Talent in Confined Spaces


How can one work precisely at places nobody wants to work at? Milling, hammering and demolishing in a hot, impassable or even contaminated working environement? Suitable machines and tools for rooms with a low load capacities? For situations like these, the Kiesel Technology and Development Company (K-TEG), a subsidiary of the wholsesaler Kiesel, has developed the demolition robot KMD-RDC22 – a revolutionary solution.

This demolition robot is an emission free special vehicle using electric drive which can be used in risky situations that would otherwise require a high amount of personnel. With a weight of less than two tons, the KMD-RDC22 (Kiesel Multi Demolition Robot) is the ideal solution for interior demolition and gutting works demanding high performance as well as low ground pressure. Furthermore, the robot can continuously work in interior spaces because the electric drive producesno emissions. The robot picks up or changes all necessary attachments and tools fully hydraulically within seconds and via remote control thanks to the Oilquick OQ40-5. This function allows the operator to stay in save distance to the operation area and the robot does not even have to leave the working site.

Working Reliably When Other Concepts Fail

With regard to attachments, the KMD-RDC22 matches conventional mini-excavators in every way. Optional attachments include Rockwheel cutters, MTB hammers and numerous Demarec grabs. Consequently, the KMD-RDC 22 is qualified for various applications concerning process-optimized dismantling which can be very unpleasant or even dangerous for workers such as working in buildings in danger of collapsing, in contaminated areas or even radioactive environments. In those cases, the demolition robot can be equipped with a camera, enabling the operator to control the robot without getting to close to the danger zone. With this machine, the operator can stay out of danger at all times while working comfortably and efficiently via remote control. Additionally, time-consuming manual labor can be omitted, since the robot can work almost anywhere – even at places that could normally only be reached on foot.

The Lightest Machine in the Four-Ton Class

Despite its compact dimensions and the minimal ground pressure due to its weight of less than two tons, the robot can achieve the same results as comparable mini-excavators of the four-ton class: the working area of this all-round talent is surprisingly large. It can work at a depth of up to 2.5 meters under-floor as well as at a height of up to 4.5 meters overhead. Horizontally, the robot has a reach of 4 meters, including the attachment. Due to its four support lugs and its adjustable undercarriage, it can rely on an immense stability. In ideal areas, this can be further enhanced by the use of a stabilizing blade when clearing demolition debris.

Thanks to its hydraulically adjustable undercarriage, the robot can be minimized to a width of 78 cm. If the boom is retracted, the robot has a maximum height of 1.5 meters and thus, fits through all small and narrow doors. Afterwards, the width of the undercarriage can be broadened again to a maximum of 1.18 meters to ensure the stability of the machine and allows the use of heavy demolition tools.

Hence, the Kiesel demolition robot KMD-RDC22 is a true alternative to mini-excavators when working in confined spaces. Due to its robust construction with quality components and competitive prices for replacement and spare parts, the robot is an advantageous solution, also with regard to economic aspects.

Source: wyynot GmbH, Werbeagentur, PR-Agentur