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The Fliegl heavy-duty dump truck „Stone Master“ Go to photo
The Fliegl heavy-duty dump truck „Stone Master“

When push comes to shove – The Fliegl heavy-duty dump truck „Stone Master“

When things get tough, the Stone Master is in its element. The heavy-duty dump truck from Fliegl Baukom scores in a wide variety of terrain: whether in recycling of building materials, earthmoving work or for transport in quarries. All components of the Stone Masters are built extremely robust and there are also a number of unique technical refinements that make the Stone Master the ideal partner for the heaviest jobs.

heavy-duty dump truck „Stone Master“


Among its USPs (Unique Selling Points) are the lower reinforcement of the trough, a front tipping cylinder which allows a very high tilt angle with maximum stability, an extremely large opening angle of the hydraulic rear wall and a hydraulically suspended drawbar. The Stone Master is designed for a technical payload of up to 25 tons in off-road use. Its development is based directly on the broad expertise from Fliegl’s utility vehicle production, whose quality products have proven themselves thousands of times in practice.

Nomen est omen: The Stone Master is made for the toughest jobs. The extremely robust half-shell troughs are made completely, i.e. both the bottom and side walls, of highly wear-resistant steel (400 - 450 HB) and have a capacity of approx. 15 m3. The bottom of the trough and the side walls are 6 mm thick each. Also unique is the lower reinforcement of the trough which thereby withstands even massive loads of rocks, boulders and stones. The special construction and a high-quality production process therefore virtually exclude any damage to the heavy-duty trough even under extreme load conditions.

„Stone Master“

Both the broad-gauge chassis and the frame of the chassis are manufactured very dimensionally stable and torsion-resistant. Only the Fliegl construction vehicles and commercial vehicles have a closed hollow girder frame with an additional continuous bottom and top frame reinforcement. Another special feature is the hydraulically suspended drawbar which provides first-class driving comfort. Unlike usually, there is no bumping and hitting. The drawbar is hydraulically height-adjustable; the traction bar is equipped with bearer and upper rail reinforcement.

Fliegl Baukom is the only supplier that equips the standard built-in BPW pendle axle unit with an automatic load-dependent brake force regulator (ALB). The ALB system is indispensable for the safety on construction sites and in road traffic, especially since the handset controls that are still widely used in practice are not switched from empty to full load. The pendle axle unit is also extremely sturdy and ensures best ground adaptation, making the Stone Master extremely light and providing it with good ground clearance.

The Stone Master is also convincing in the difficult unloading process: thanks to its very high tilting angle, the load can be dumped quickly and completely, while the front tilting cylinder provides additional stability. The hydraulic rear wall has an additional pendulum function and can be opened extremely wide thanks to the long rear wall brackets. The low loading sill and the very low center of gravity offer further advantages in driving, loading and unloading.

The extra reinforced and large radial tires (steel belt tires) protect the ground and make the trailer easy to maneuver even in the most difficult terrain.

The Stone Master is equipped as standard with a wide range of accessories, special varnishing in desired company colors is possible.

Source: Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH