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Agrirouter and KUHN EasyTransfer

With the development of Agrirouter, of which KUHN is one of the founding members, it becomes easier to exchange data between solutions, whether in the fields or in the office.

Remote communication to facilitate exchanges via Agrirouter


KUHN helps to facilitate these exchanges and offers a simple tool for transferring or receiving documents remotely: KUHN EasyTransfer.

From your computer, simply drag and drop modulation cards (SHAPE or ISOXML), tasks or missions to send them quickly to a recipient: the terminal used by the tractor driver to drive his machine for example.
KUHN EasyTransfer also manages the ". zip" formats, which simplifies its use without wasting time decompressing/copying/pasting documents.

Before pressing the "send" key, KUHN EasyTransfer displays the selected plots and allows for a final check.

And it’s on its way to Agrirouter and the CCI 1200 terminal

The latter, connected to Agrirouter via a WiFi module and the internet connection of the mobile phone, will receive the file or the task and import it without any specific manipulation.

Remote transfers provide a substantial gain in the organization of tasks, transfer of modulation cards or missions to drivers, which makes it easier to organize work.

Once the work is completed, the tasks, enriched with all the information related to the machine/tractor/work, are sent from the CCI 1200 terminal, towards Agriouter, and received in KUHN EasyTransfer for use in a farm management Software. No need for a USB Stick anymore to exchange data from or towards your KUHN machines.

The use of KUHN EasyTransfer is free of charge and is available directly on the Website.

To import/export data or to modulate inputs with the CCI terminal 1200, the CCI. Task Control application and the WiFi module are required.

Source: KUHN