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Ammann Light Compaction Equipment Showcased at Samoter 2020

Ammann presents its full range of light compaction machines at Samoter, taking place in Verona IT from March 21-25


The Light Compaction machines from Ammann are true Lightweight Champions in their segment and make a great fit for any compaction challenge:

  • Exceptional compaction force that helps operators hit targets in fewer passes

  • Extreme flexibility, with a wide range of sizes and an ability to excel in multiple applications that include soil, asphalt, paving stones, aggregate and others

  • Convenient fuel options, with many machines running on petrol – and others providing a choice of petrol or diesel

  • Easy operation and comfort, with vibration-limiting handles and simple adjustment

  • Safety across the product line, from the handles of the smallest plate compactors to the infrared system on the trench rollers

  • Serviceability, with convenient access to maintenance points and a variety of kits available to make service easy

Among the product lines on display on the Ammann booth will be:


Ammann Rammers feature the best forward movement in the industry, helping contractors in all applications work productively and ultimately achieve compaction targets. The well-balanced forward-moving ability makes them the tool of choice for contractors and rental agencies.

The rammers also are so easy to use that operators of all experience levels are able to perform productively right from the start. The rammers are more comfortable, too, because of the reduced-vibration handle that lessens fatigue and ultimately serves as a productivity booster. A patented process enables rammer height to be easily adjusted to fit the operator size, another significant comfort feature for the operator.

Vibratory Plates

Ammann offers a wide range of Vibratory Plate Compactors that are ready for any situation. The product line ranges from a light 54 kg (119 lb) to a much heavier 825 kg (1819 lb)  – with many models in between.

All Ammann plates are easy to operate. Many models are available with a diesel or a petrol engine.

The Ammann vibratory plates have different exciter systems, depending on their size and needed forces. A common thread runs through all models: easy operator control. That includes when changing directions or working on steep grades.

The low-vibration guide handle is isolated from vibration to minimise stress on the operator, allowing for precise machine control and operator comfort. The handle is foldable, a crucial feature when working in confined areas or during transport.

Ammann offers a complete range of vibratory plates, with models for all needs and challenges.There are three series of Ammann plate compactors.

  • APF Series: Forward-moving vibratory plates
    54 kg (119 lb) – 106 kg (234 lb)

  • APR Series: Reversible vibratory plates
    100 kg (220 lb) – 440 kg (970 lb)

  • APH Series: Fully hydrostatic reversible vibratory plates
    350 kg (772 lb) - 825 kg (1819 lb)

Unique triple-shaft exciter system for Vibratory Plates

Ammann developed a triple-shaft exciter system for its APH products, the largest plates in the Ammann portfolio. This unique technology with the third exciter shaft makes the machines easier to control while increasing the power and compaction forces.

The system keeps plate movement consistent, which in turn enables smooth travel – even through heavy, cohesive soils – and helps effortlessly overcome steep grades. APH machines can even climb while backfilling saturated areas – work that can leave competitive products at a standstill.

Walk-Behind Rollers

Ammann Walk-Behind Rollers combine two applications in a single machine. The operator chooses whether to utilise a high-amplitude setting for work on gravel/soil or a low-amplitude setting for asphalt and bituminous materials. The necessary water sprinkler and a generous water tank are standard equipment.

ARW rollers offer clearance on both drum sides, allowing compaction work extremely close to curbstones, retaining walls and other obstacles. The hydrostatic-driven rollers are built without mechanical fast-wearing parts such as V belts and a clutch, helping reduce maintenance needs.

The ergonomic guide handle includes the dead man’s handle that immediately shuts off the machine if the operator releases his or her grip. In reverse mode, the roller’s speed is limited to 2.5km per hour as a safety regulation to protect the operator.

The hydraulic drive ensures variable speed adjustment and smooth starting/braking action.

Ammann ARR Trench Rollers

Rammax invented the trench roller product more than 40 years ago, and benchmarks have always been set to improve efficiencies. Today, Rammax is embedded in the Ammann portfolio and with its ARR line, Ammann is the only manufacturer to still offer both articulated and skid-steered versions of trench rollers.

Trench rollers, also called multipurpose compactors, perform well in cohesive soil types, such as clays, that can be very difficult to compact.

The ARR 1575 and ARR 1585 are able to overcome the high moisture content in clays through their extreme compaction energy and the kneading effect of their padfoot drums. The ARR  is the articulated trench roller while the ARR 1585 is the skid-steer body version.

The machines perform effectively and quickly on less challenging soils, too.

The infrared system is perfectly positioned with no dead angles. Integrated solar panels charge the transmitter.

APA Add-On Compactors

The Ammann range of APA Add-On Compactors work safely and efficiently – and in areas other machines can’t access. The attachment plates can be mounted on any standard excavator arm and are true champions in terms of compaction forces and compaction speed. The vibration forces of the plates and the compaction pressure given by the excavators let the APA products compact at a depth of up to a meter and work safely on steep slopes or dangerous trenches.

Intelligent assistance systems for more efficient compaction

Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE) intelligent compaction technology is offered on selected light equipment machines. ACE uses intuitive LED signals to keep the operator abreast of compaction progress. Operators also can evaluate when compaction goals have been met, helping reduce unnecessary passes. ACE also helps prevent overcompaction.

The intelligent system demonstrates Ammann’s commitment to providing equipment that brings benefits to the operator and the business owner.

ACE is available on larger vibratory APH and APR plates, APA Add-On Compactors and ARR Trench Rollers.

Source: Ammann Italy S.r.l.