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Ammann Asphalt Production Solutions Featured at SaMoTer Environmental and Recycling Innovations Highlighted

Ammann Asphalt-Mixing Plants and their innovative environmental and recycling solutions will be showcased at the SaMoTer construction equipment trade fair in Verona


On the environmental front, Ammann utilises advanced technology that minimises dust, noise and odour. Ammann plants are also exceptional recyclers, with recycled asphalt (RAP) utilisation rates between 25% and 100% – depending on the customer’s needs.

Environmental Solutions

This technology is becoming more important as industrial land becomes scarcer and plants increasingly must be located closer to residential areas. Visitors to SaMoTer will be able to learn more about the methods Ammann uses to address key concerns regarding asphalt-mixing plants and the surrounding environment:

  • Dust – Ammann plants are equipped with a highly efficient baghouse filter, which lowers exhaust dust to less than 10 mg/m3.

  • Noise – Ammann noise reduction solutions eliminate up to 25 dBA.

  • Odour – Bitumen fumes are the primary source of odour. Ammann reduces the fumes at various points along the production process, including bitumen tanks, skip and load-out levels and the stack.

Recycling Solutions

Ammann’s advanced recycling technology will also be featured at SaMoTer. The use of RAP has become a necessity. Governments increasingly want the reclaimed asphalt from old roads reused in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

The amount of recycling that is desired can vary, and Ammann has a number of options available to meet those diverse needs. Among the choices:

The addition of cold RAP into the mixer. This is an inexpensive, straight-forward solution in which RAP and aggregates are dosed separately into the mixer. This process is available on new Ammann plants, or as a retrofit on plants produced by Ammann or other manufacturers. RAP utilisation of 25% to 40% is possible.

The addition of warm RAP into the dryer. High-quality mix with 40% RAP can be produced with this process. It is an easy retrofit for most plants, with some adjustments to the hot elevator chute and hot mineral bins. It can be combined with a cold RAP system for greater flexibility during plant operation.

The addition of warm RAP via a separate RAH60 parallel dryer. With this innovative process, the separate dryer works in combination with the cold feed system. Utilisation of 60% of hot recycled materials is possible. This system integrates expertise gained from countless plant operations around the world.

The addition of warm RAP with a counterflow RAP dryer. Recycling rates of 100% are achievable with this system. The process is created to protect bitumen from damage during the heating process. The RAP is heated gently. In fact, there is no radiation heat. It is a highly efficient system with extremely low emissions.

These environmental and recycling solutions offer competitive advantages that help customers establish plants near residential areas and benefit from the cost savings that result from using recycled materials.

Source: Ammann Italy S.r.l.