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Ammann Machines and Plants to Be Featured at SaMoTer Trade Fair

Ammann’s innovations in compaction, paving and asphalt production will be showcased at the SaMoTer construction equipment trade fair in Verona, Italy, from 21-25 March.


“This event is an opportunity to highlight the technology that is built into our plants and machines,” said Michele Turrini, Area Sales Manager for Italy. “These technological advances have a direct beneficial impact on customer production and ultimately profitability.”

Asphalt Production

Ammann Asphalt-Mixing Plants’ innovative environmental and recycling solutions will be showcased at the trade show booth as well.

On the environmental front, Ammann utilises advanced technology that minimises dust, noise and odour. Ammann plants are also exceptional recyclers, with recycled asphalt (RAP) utilisation rates between 25% and 100% – depending on the customer’s needs.

These environmental and recycling solutions offer competitive advantages that help customers establish plants near residential areas and benefit from the cost savings that result from using recycled materials.

“We’re eager to share with visitors how our technologically advanced plants and machines deliver the solutions customers need on all kinds of roadbuilding projects and other jobsites,” Michele Turrini said.

Light Compaction Equipment

Rammers and plate compactors from Ammann are known as the “Lightweight Champions.” The light compaction machines are highly regarded for:

  • Exceptional compaction force that helps operators hit targets in fewer passes

  • Extreme flexibility, with a wide range of sizes and an ability to excel in multiple applications that include soil, asphalt, paving stones, aggregate and others

  • Convenient fuel options, with many machines running on petrol – and others providing a choice of petrol or diesel

  • Easy operation, simple-to-adjust controls and superior comfort

  • Safety across the product line, from the vibration-limiting handles of plate compactors to the infrared system on trench rollers that’s positioned with no dead angles

  • Serviceability, with convenient access to maintenance points and a variety of kits available to make service easy

Prominently displayed will be the Ammann ARR 1585 Trench Roller. The compactor – which has padfoot drums and a skid-steer body – performs well in cohesive soil types, such as clays, that can be very difficult to compact.

Tandem Rollers

Several models from the new ARX line of light tandem rollers will be exhibited at the booth. The machines feature an electronic drive lever that offers advanced control and manoeuvrability. The ARX compactors utilise an upgraded articulation joint that enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to off-set configurations, which is especially helpful when working close to obstructions.

Also featured will be the new ARP 95 Pivot-Steer Roller, with industry-leading compaction width and significantly reduced fuel consumption. The ARP 95 is based on the pivot-steering concept, which enables the machine to be steered by the front drum, the rear drum, or both. Pivot steering enhances manoeuvrability and prevents the tearing – also referred to as “shoving” – that can occur on curved roads and jobsites where frequent turning is required.

Asphalt Pavers

Visitors to the booth will be able to learn more about the products in Ammann’s paving line up.

Ammann’s compact pavers have production capacities of 300 tonnes per hour and maximum paving widths of 3.1 metres. When space is particularly tight, Ammann offers the unique AFW 150-2 Mini Paver, with a paving width as narrow as 250 mm.

City paver models can place 350 tonnes of mix per hour with maximum widths of 4.7 metres. Their mobility and size make them great tools for urban jobsites and inner city applications where smaller roads need to be placed fast. The asphalt mats that result meet the highest quality requirements.

Source: Ammann Italy S.r.l.