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Fully automatic spreading pattern control and optimisation


After receiving the gold medal for the AXMAT fully automatic spreading pattern control and optimisation system for the AXIS H twin-disc fertiliser spreader at AGRITECHNICA 2013, RAUCH and their development partner MSA have continuously tested and improved the system. At the same time, the trade press convinced themselves in independent AXMAT tests of its quality and function.

For the upcoming fertilisation technology season, RAUCH presents a significantly enhanced and optimised system. The new AXMAT duo is equipped with 54 radar sensors which are positioned stationary in a circle underneath the two spreading discs of the fertiliser spreader.

Using the innovative radar technology, AXMAT duo scans the spreading pattern position continuously. The previous AXMAT plus needed 5 seconds.) After scanning, the intelligent software immediately recognises the position, the character and the expansion of the spreading pattern on the left and right side. If a deviation from the spreading pattern is detected, a new setting for the AXIS 50.2 H EMC spreading technology is calculated within split seconds and activated via remote control. The spreading pattern on both sides are optimised fully automatically by an adjustment of the fertiliser drop point on the spreading discs. The quick moving SpeedServo-actuators adjust the spreading pattern immediately.

This opens up new performance dimensions in professional fertiliser technology. Influences of fertiliser properties or environmental conditions are detected and compensated fully automatically during spreading on both sides. AXMAT reliably convinces with a large application window for granulated fertilisers. The system only reaches its limits if precise spreading is no longer technically possible due to fertiliser quality, the selected working width or spreader discs.

In combination with the separate EMC automatic metering system for the left and right metering slide, the dream of a self-adjusting fertiliser spreader has become reality with the AXMAT duo for Axis-H 50.2 EMC+W and AXENT.

Source: RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH