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RAUCH is taking off

On the occasion of AGRITECHNICA 2017, RAUCH will present the worldwide first fertiliser spreader drone which is able to fly. The RAUCH engineers based their development on the AGRONATOR octocopter with 8 rotors, a diameter of 4 m and a total weight of 80 kg. The spreading material capacity is as much as 30 kg. RAUCH has successfully tested the AGRONATOR for the spreading of anti-slug bait, small seeds and mineral fertiliser for quality fertilisation. RAUCH uses as spreading system the especially developed electrically driven DRACO one disc spreading unit with a 50 litre hopper. DRACO stands for Drone Application Copter.


The big advantage of the fertiliser spreader drone: Irrespective of whether the ground can be driven on, it is possible to spread the material at a high degree of precision and efficiency due to the high air speeds. Soil pressure or field damage is not an issue for AGRONATOR. Due to the precise GPS technology, it is possible to exactly define flight routes and even individual spreading areas. Now you simply press the button, and CultiCopter automatically follows the predefined flight route. The RAUCH DRACO technology adjusts the desired application rate and working width specifically for each section. Of course it is also possible to document and analyse each operation. Two lithium-polymer accumulators provide enough energy for up to 40 minutes in the air. Recharging time is only 20 minutes.

Due to its high flight speed and the extraordinary manoeuvring capabilities in the obstacle-free airspace, the combination of AGRONATOR drone and DRACO spreading unit is superior to any ground-based autonomous agricultural robots presently on the market. 

Source: RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH