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Compact design ensures stability for ARS 200 and ARS 220 single-drum rollers – even on slopes

Lower Centre of Gravity Makes Compaction Work Easier


Ammann, the compaction specialist, has implemented major upgrades to its ARS 200 and ARS 220 single-drum rollers by introducing innovative solutions, with improvements to technology as well as operator comfort. A more compact machine design gives the single-drum rollers additional stability thanks to a low centre of gravity. The turning radius is now even tighter, and technicians have optimum access to the maintenance points. The spacious operator’s cab largely shields the operator from construction site noise. The cab design – combined with clear, intuitive machine controls – ensures optimum comfort while working.

Road construction is a tough business – a real back-breaking job for humans as well as machines. Not much can be achieved without the right equipment. Ammann has devised an ingenious design concept that now enables its ARS 200 and ARS 220 single-drum rollers to cope even better with the many different challenges presented by road construction. Ammann's engineers have developed a more compact machine design – the centre of gravity of both types of single-drum roller is now significantly nearer the ground than before. The low centre of gravity greatly increases the stability of the ARS 200 and ARS 220 – so even on slopes, safe working is still possible.

More agile without a rear wheel axle

One key feature of the compact design of the ARS 200 and ARS 220 generation is the elimination of the rear wheel axle. This gives the compactors an unprecedented degree of agility, with a turning circle that is significantly tighter than for the predecessor models. Work on the site can be carried out more rapidly. Unproductive, time-consuming steering manoeuvres are no longer necessary – the single-drum rollers can always traverse the areas to be compacted with absolute accuracy.

Safe access to maintenance points

The more compact machine design also reduces the time and effort required for servicing and maintenance. All the service points can now be accessed directly from the ground, without the use of additional tools. This minimises the working time needed for daily maintenance checks. The actual servicing and maintenance work can also be completed in even less time than before, so downtime is reduced. Two helpful features here: both the operator’s cab and the engine hood can be tilted.

Working without fatigue

Compaction always involves high-precision work that demands the operator's full concentration. To guarantee this, Ammann has again enhanced the level of comfort for the operator in the cab. The ARS 200 and ARS 220 are equipped with exactly the same operator cab. Extremely spacious dimensions and high-performance shielding from vibrations and noise protect operators from virtually all disruptive influences, so they can devote their entire concentration to the task at hand. At the same time, the cab gives the operator an all-round view of his machine and the surrounding area. Areas that the operator cannot see from his working position are substantially reduced. On-site safety now attains an unprecedented level.

So that these machines can be used flexibly, Ammann has been careful to ensure that they are exceptionally easy and intuitive to operate. All the control indicators are integrated into a clear multi-function display in the machine's steering wheel. This feature guarantees optimum machine control, so even inexperienced operators can immediately start making efficient use of the single-drum roller.

Source: Ammann Compaction; wyynot GmbH