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Can you describe the business activities of your company? 


Our company, Flexcavo, specializes in renting out construction machinery and developing innovative digital solutions for the construction sites of the future. 

Planning, transporting and maintaining construction equipment can be really time-consuming, expensive and intransparent. Contractors often get overwhelmed by administrative and operative work and therefore lose track of their fleet and its total cost of ownership. In order to make a difference, we offer our customers our own digital fleet management software, FlexcavoOS, including a real-time machinery rental service. With us, the construction machinery project planning process becomes much easier, more transparent and less costly.

When and by whom was your company founded? How did you come up with the idea? 

Our company, Flexcavo, was founded on the 1st of July 2020 in Munich. By the 1st of August we opened our first yard in Rosenheim and only one month later, we moved our headquarter to the capital city Berlin.

Our two co-founders, Benedict Aicher and Leonhard Fricke, have been very  passionate about construction  technology since their youth. Driven by Benedict's professional insights into the field of advanced industries and his personal experiences from his family's construction-related business as well as Leonhard’s expertise in data science and engineering, the two wanted to find a way to foster digitalization in the construction company. With Flexcavo, they aim to increase the productivity of construction while reducing environmental impact.

Co-founders: Benedict Aicher and Leonhard Fricke <br>Image source: Flexcavo GmbH

What problem(s) is your tool solving? 

Amongst others, there are three key pain points of construction companies at the moment: 

  • No centralized and cross-manufacturer access to asset information, such as telematics, commercial and service as well as maintenance management data 

  • No transparency regarding asset availability, utilization and on-site inventory and the resulting total cost of ownership 

  • Inefficiency due to the use of basic solutions (e.g. pen and paper, excel or many different softwares) for the construction machinery fleet management

With our cloud-based SaaS solution FlexcavoOS, construction companies are able to manage their entire fleet transparently in one tool. By integrating and processing telematics data in a holistic user interface, FlexcavoOS connects the operating data of machines, such as operating hours, with the data from the fleet and project management. Therefore, it provides a clear overview of the entire fleet as well as of ongoing processes.

Via APIs, FlexcavoOS integrates with existing IT systems, which enables a fast and easy data  transfer. As a result of the real-time data collection and a cloud-based storage of information, our software solution reduces the operating costs significantly, optimizes processes and fosters transparency amongst all stakeholders.

Can you identify the range of your customers? What markets/regions do you focus on and where would you like to expand? 

Currently, we focus on construction companies which have their own machinery and equipment fleet in the DACH market. While our software solution FlexcavoOS is mainly used by customers with more than 50 assets, our real-time rental  service is used by customers of all sizes. Within our customers, we provide software functionalities for stakeholders across all departments ranging from fleet management and procurement to accounting and controlling. By the end of 2021, we plan to open additional yards across Germany and grow our team even further.

Could you provide 5 tags that describe your company and service the best? 

#customer-oriented #cost-minimizing #innovative #sustainable #collaborative

Source: Flexcavo GmbH