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Fliegl trailers – trailer efficiency

Fliegl relies on sustainable vehicle concepts which are well thought out in every detail and make companies even more profitable. Practicality is paramount, because optimum handling is of the essence.


Only weight-saving solutions with high investment security and a focus on sustainability will stand the test of the future. Fliegl trailers are reliable and economical. Among the best in the industry when it comes to unladen weight and capacity, they are real “workhorses.” The Fliegl curtainsider has a payload advantage of 500 to 1000 kg compared to other semi-trailers on the roads. Right from the basic version, it offers simple, reliable operation and avoids failure-prone electronics.

And our focus on sustainability begins with the production process. Frames and vehicle parts, for example, are painted in an ecologically efficient process. Without energy-intensive annealing processes. The entire vehicle concept is geared to sustainability, down to the last detail, and lightweight construction is the top priority.

(CO2) calculation pays off:

The figures: 1 l of diesel means a CO2 emission of 2.65 kg. 100 kg of weight means a diesel consumption of 0.3 l. And in 2018, the average price for one litre of diesel was € 1.28. On average, our trailers cover about 120,000 km per year.

Now apply this calculation to our Fliegl RoadRunner or MegaRunner, which offer a weight saving of 500-1000 kg compared to other curtain-sided semi-trailers. Based on 500 kg, this saves 1.5 l of diesel per 100 km. In other words, we are talking about almost 4 kg less CO2 per 100 km. Almost 4770 kg per year, 1800 l less diesel and a saving of well over 2000 euros.

The curtainsider as a Fliegl Twin: The twin-axle RoadRunner saves up to 1.5 l of diesel per 100 km in comparison to a 3-axle version. This figure has been verified (Dekra 2016). Here, there is a further reduction in CO2 emissions of 4 kg/100 km or 4770 kg/year. A saving of 1800 litres of diesel and more than € 2300 per year. And our MegaRunner tops these values once again, as our measurements show proven diesel savings of 2.4 l/100 km.

Fliegl exclusive: Every single axle is individually adjusted to exact specifications by laser. The trailers run with exact tracking, without unnecessary tyre wear and with lower fuel consumption. As a result, the Fliegl curtain-sided semi-trailer saves more than 11,000 kg of CO2, 3600 l of diesel and € 4680 a year in total. The Twin version tops these figures, with 14,300 kg of CO2, 5400 l of diesel and savings of over € 7000. 3-axle or Twin, Standard or Mega – a Fliegl trailer is always a worthwhile investment. Less diesel. Less CO2. Green Road!

What trailer efficiency means for us:

- 10 % less weight - 10 % less diesel - 10 % less CO2

There are countless features which also help to achieve this. The time- saving Quick Lock, tarp central locking system, the FreeLoad system, which allows the use of the entire loading width, the environmentally friendly Eco Lift lifting roof or the zero-sag roof pillar roof non-inflexible, the extremely time- and space-saving Blitz canopy top or the smooth-running door lock Fliegl I-Lock. The list of components which embody our understanding of efficiency is long. 


Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH