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Introducing new BEDNAR products and innovations for 2016

During the coming year the BEDNAR company is launching three new products and two important improvements to the machines from the current production programme. The new products include the FERTI-BOX FB_F front hopper, GALAXY GE Cambridge rollers and the ROW-MASTER RN inter-row cultivator allowing weeding of higher crops, e.g. maize. The TERRALAND DO combined cultivator has undergone changes and the OMEGA OO seed drill will now offer a coulter section behind the front row of discs.

FERTI-BOX FB_F – fertilizer application into the soil profile even for smaller farms


One of the ways how to maintain a balanced supply of nutrients, even in deeper layers of the soil profile, is to place fertiliser into a so called band. Fertilisation into a band is suitable to supplement nutrient deficiency and ensure nutrient balance, as well as to improve nutrient accessibility to the crops. For many crops, fertilizers placed at depth are easier to acquire and thus easier to use. This method of fertilizer application can now be implemented even by machines with a smaller working width thanks to the FERTI-BOX FB_F  front  pressure hopper. The single-chamber hopper with a capacity of 1900 l is aggregated to a tractor via the front three-point hitch.
The FERTI-BOX FB_F can now be combined with a TERRALAND TN and TN_Profi mounted chisel ploughs, with a FENIX FN/FN_L mounted versatile cultivator, as well as with a ROW-MASTER RN inter-row cultivator.

GALAXY GE - Rollers that maintain necessary moisture

“Expanding our roller and packer portfolio with Cambridge rollers has helped us offer farmers an efficient packer for levelling soil and crumbling clods even in difficult soil conditions. The design of the rollers with smooth and toothed discs provides quality work and the heavy weight of the machine helps close the soil during work, which prevents it drying out,” David Rycl (Regional Commercial Director – Czech Republic and Poland, Business Operations Director). For the coming year 2016, a 9-metre working width version of the machine will be available.

ROW-MASTER RN – versatile use in the area of inter-row cultivation

“After we introduced to the market the Row-Master RN_S inter-row cultivator, designed to be used in the sugar beet crop, we created a new version, the Row-Master RN, designed for higher crops, namely corn, or sunflower. Once again, the machine uses the proven CultiCam optical camera for automatic row guiding of the machine, thanks to which the machine automatically adjusts to the crop and prevents damage to the plants. CultiCam is capable of scanning crop starting with two true leaves to navigate the machine, thus providing very early cultivation. Moreover, the high frame clearance allows cultivating crops up to a height of 50cm. The cultivator can be set to row distances of 40, 45, 55, 60, 65 and 75 cm,” Jan Bednar (Business and Marketing Director) describes the new product.

TERRALAND DO – intensive processing of large amounts of crop residues

As of 2016, a new version of the TERRALAND DO combined disc and tines cultivator  will be available which includes a front disc section, where one shank is fitted with one disc, and there will be a new arrangement of the working shares in four rows. The main purpose of this change is to achieve a better cutting effect of crop residues and  subsequent better throughput in the machine.  
The TERRALAND DO can now be equipped with two types of tines. Zero-Mix tines designed solely for passive deep-tillage or Active-Mix tines for deep-tillage with  active mixing of the soil and post-harvest residues.
The modernised TERRALAND DO now also offers the possibility of applying fertilizer into the soil profile with a spacing of 37.5/75 cm or  application along the width.

OMEGA OO – coulter section for spring and summer

An important change to the OMEGA seed drill is the coulter section as additional equipment. It consists of an offset arranged row of Coulter discs with self clearing located behind the front disc section. This section is used mainly on heavy soils during spring and summer seeding. During spring seeding, the seed drill only works with the recessed coulter section so as to avoid ejection and unnecessary mixing of the soil by the front disc section (see photo 11). On the contrary, when seeding rape, both the sections (coulter and disc section) are working so as to achieve ideal crushing of clods and prepare ideal conditions for seeding (see photo 12).