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Between the 9th and 14th November, Agritechnica - the worlds most important trade fair for agricultural machinery – once again took place in Hannover, Germany. Bednar held an exhibition stance covering an area of over 600 m2 and was situated in Hall 12, it focused primarily on tillage machinery.

BEDNAR in Germany  


In the autumn of 2014, a German branch of BEDNAR FMT was established – the BEDNAR GmbH company. Mr Thomas Wojtalla was appointed director of BEDNAR GmbH company. An experienced and successful manager who has been engaged in selling agricultural machinery throughout his  career. He speaks positively of his first Agritechnica with BEDNAR, as well as the past business year.  

“The first half of 2014 was really challenging for me. I had to deal with issues connected with the establishment of the new company and at the same time, build a sales and service team. It all came good. The other half of the year was fantastic for us. To be honest, sales in the second half of the year were so good that they surpassed my expectations. In comparison to 2014, we have increased the turnover in Germany by almost 200 %. However, what I am especially delighted about is the professional service and fast deliveries of spare parts. I know that for many foreign companies operating in the demanding german market, this area is very limiting. In the past, we also experienced problems, but the 2015 season was very professional on our part. We took part in the Agritechnica trade fair with a strong and stable sales team. Agritechnica is an excellent opportunity for establishing new business relationships, which was largely confirmed yet again. It was my first Agritechnica with the BEDNAR company and I can say that I had expected a great interest in our machines, but the reality far surpassed my expectations. During the fair, we managed to seal several significant deals and open new ones. I think the Agritechnica fair has been very successful for the BEDNAR GmbH company,“ said Thomas Wojtalla about the situation of BEDNAR machines in the German market.

Deep soil tillage

As with any exhibition of the BEDNAR company, in Hannover it was also clear that the core idea of the company is based on deep tillage machines. A TERRALAND chisel plough was on display there in three versions – a mounted version TN_PROFI with a cutter-dick section, a semi-mounted version the TO  with an additional FERTI-BOX hopper designed for fertilizer application during tillage and, last but not least, a combined version DO with a disc section.

Presentation of innovations and new products

“At the Agritechnica fair, we displayed an OMEGA seed drill with a major novelty in the form of the coulter section intended primarily for pre-sowing preparation in the spring and summer season. Autumn demonstration tours throughout Germany with an OMEGA seed drill and a FERTI-BOX front hopper proved that German farmers take great interest in these products. I believe that we have a lot to offer to local farmers,“ said Thomas Wojtalla about the entry of BEDNAR seed drills and fertilizing machines into the German market.

Another novelty on display was a ROW-MASTER inter-row cultivator. It can be equipped with the self-guidance CultiCam system allowing the operator to work in an easier and more comfortable way. Inter-row cultivation has been gaining in popularity again, particularly thanks to savings of the cost of chemical protection of plants. This fact was also not lost on the part of the farmers.

The machines on display also included traditional machines, such as a SWIFTERDISC XO_F disc cultivator supplemented with an ALFA DRILL hopper, ATLAS HO designed for cultivation of large amounts of crop residues, SWIFTER SE pre-sowing compactor or FENIX FN_L universal cultivator. 


“For manufacturers of agricultural machines, Agritechnica is always an important event. Everyone tries to show the best they can offer to farmers. I dare say that it was us who showed the best there. I would like to thank everyone who came to visit our exhibition and I look forward to meeting them again, at some of the yellow machines if possible,” saids Thomas Wojtalla about the trade fair.