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From dark to dark at the Lamma show

The wet and windy weather that has plagued many parts of the United Kingdom over recent months didnt stop the 35th Lamma show taking place. Record crowds of farmers and contractors made their way to Peterborough in the middle of the winter to to visit the largest agricultural show in the UK. Unlike other agricultural shows Lamma opened its gates at 6 a.m. and the first visitors were already waiting in front of the fairground.


As like many other countries the UK is coming through a declined phase of machine supplies caused by the low purchase prices of crops, high level prices of inputs and an unstable currency affected by the American dollar. Despite all this the  BEDNAR machines were of great interest to local farmers who were seeking a demonstration in their home conditions.

The BEDNAR company represented by Knight Farm Machinery showcased two machines for subsoiling operations and one for crop residue management. 

A Swifterdisc XO 5000F with an integrated axle was fitted with aggressive A-discs ensuring a better cutting effect of the crop residues as a fine product before being finally incorporated into the soil. The Machine that serves in the UK as a DEMO machine was attached to a U-ring roller that excels through its work in wet conditions which are typical to the UK enviroment.

The versatile cultivator the Fenix FN 3000 with nine tines with winged tips, each secured by an individual spring, is set to be an effective tool for small farming businesses. The versatility of this machine is based on its suitable machine construction, enabling the machine to do shallow stubble as well as deep ripping cultivation.

The Mulcher MZ 6000 represents BEDNAR´s category of machines for crop residue management on arable land by chopping stalks of rapeseeds and corn. Mulcher is suitable also for grasslands. The blade sets for arable land and grassland can be easily exchanged.