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Kröger MUP20 SP - Heavy load dump trailer with square trough Go to photo
Kröger MUP20 SP - Heavy load dump trailer with square trough

New terraliner heavy duty dump trailer "MUP20SP"

Tractor-drawn heavy duty dump trailers are nowadays a common sight on many construction sites. Until now, the terraliner product range from Kröger offered customers two dump trailer variations, a half-pipe with front cylinder or a square profile alternative with an under-floor cylinder.

The advantage of the square profile is the level loading area, which can also be used to transport unit loads such as pallets or smaller construction equipment. However, agricultural contractors in particular often want heavy duty dump trailers with larger load volumes, to be able to also transport lighter agricultural crops and thus increase the utilisation of the vehicles. To fulfil these requirements, Kröger developed the new terraliner model "MUP20SP". Compared to the existing versions, the basic trough of the new model was designed to be longer and at the same time, lower. As a result, although the load volume remains designed for heavy load operations, the optional sidewall extensions can be installed to achieve a much higher load volume thanks to the bigger trough length. The top frame of the trough was designed for easy installation of sidewall extensions. The basic trough is designed as a square trough with an under-floor cylinder. Like with all terraliner heavy duty dump trailers, the conical trough can be made from 6 mm "HARDOX 450".

The dump trailer is available with swinging / bogie or hydraulic axle assemblies. A new feature of this version are the optional 600 mm aluminium extensions, which can be used to transport agricultural produce.

Technical data:

Load volume: 12.57 m³ (without extension); 20.07 m³ (with extension + material cone)
Inner dimension of the trough: 5,600 mm L x 2,240 mm W x 1,005 mm H
Overall dimension: 7,600 mm L x 2,550 mm W x 2,600 mm H
Payload: 13,400 kg
Net weight: 6,600 kg
Perm. total weight: 20,000 – 24,000 kg (on-road) / 28,000 kg (off-road)
Tipping angle: 60°

Source: Peter Kröger GmbH


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