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New MEILLER Hook-lift system RS21.65

News on the hook-lift trailer

Agriculture, construction, and forestry are inconceivable today without tractor- towed hook-lift trailers, and there is an increasing demand for them. The concept is impressive with its versatile uses and high level of cost- effectiveness anywhere that flexibility is required.

Cooperation contract with MEILLER has been extended


For more than five years now, KRÖGER has exclusively offered roll-off systems made by MEILLER for their tractor-towed hook-lift trailers. The cooperation agreement was extended in early 2019.

New standard for tandem hook-lift trailers

From February 2019 onwards, KRÖGER will exclusively be offering their hook-lift trailers with the new hook system (type: RS21.65 o. optional RS21.70) made by MEILLER installed. MEILLER already presented the new hook a few years ago. After a test phase, KRÖGER decided to equip all their roll-off tippers with the new type of hook as standard. Apart from a modernised design, the innovative system also provides efficiency advantages:

In practice, the new unrivalled performance of the "RS21" is very impressive. The first advantage of the improved and patented rapid motion can clearly be seen during the tipping process. The work can be carried out at twice the speed in certain sequences and save valuable time during every work cycle. This is available as an option. Another plus point regarding efficiency is that MEILLER has reduced the weight of the basic hook unit by 200 kg. A special mention should be given to the fact that all containers and tanks can be be picked up and put down according to DIN 30722.

Telescopic hook to pick up containers with different hook heights

In order to pick up containers with different hook heights as well, KRÖGER offers a telescopic hook arm as an option. This ensures a height adjustment of 170 mm meaning that containers meeting different standards can also be picked up.

Source: Peter Kröger GmbH