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Kröger new automatic transport securing system

agroliner platform trailer now also with automatic bale transport securing

For bale transport, the vehicle manufacturer Kröger from south Oldenburg has now developed a new automatic transport securing system. Until now, only manual transport securing devices with swivel rungs were offered.


Using sophisticated kinematics, two longitudinal tubes respectively are brought into position by the tractor hydraulic system for quick load securing. In doing so, the longitudinal tubes are secured in each position by a stop valve. The automatic load securing system is designed for all conventional round bales, silage bales or square bales, however, the optimal formats are round bales with a diameter of 1.6 m and square bales with a length of 2.40 m.

Compared to other solutions, the new load securing system offers several advantages: for loading, the longitudinal tubes are parked right on the outer frame profile of the loading platform. Through this, on the one hand, the clearance gauge is not restricted at all for loading, and on the other hand, the ground clearance is fully maintained for manoeuvring the vehicle. Moreover, the system is capable of pressing in bales that are protruding.

Four hydraulic cylinders on the front and the rear of the vehicle move the longitudinal tubes

Source: Peter Kröger GmbH