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Swing limitation for heavy duty dump trailers with swing tailgate. Go to photo
Swing limitation for heavy duty dump trailers with swing tailgate.

News for heavy-duty dump trailers

Over the past few years, tractor-towed transport technology has become a fixed part of the construction industry. The combination of a heavy-duty dump trailer and tractor guarantee top material handling performance on rough terrain. KRÖGER identified the need for high-performance transport technology in the construction industry very early on. The company wants to win further market shares with its new developments.

ALB available as an option for heavy-duty dump trailers with a swing axle


The automatic load-dependent braking force controller is already included as standard on the heavy-duty dump trailers with a boogie axle unit or hydraulic spring axle unit. As an option, KRÖGER now offers an automatic load- dependent brake power controller (ALB) for vehicles with a non-spring suspended swing axle unit.

The advantages of the controller are obvious. In conventional systems, the brake power needs to be adjusted to the load using a manual power controller. This means the tractor driver always has to enter the danger zone on a construction site. In addition to that, an incorrect setting can cause increased wear on tyres and brakes and therefore lead to additional costs. These negative points are precluded by the automatic system.

Swing limitation developed for the tailgate on the HP series

The sanding option is activated for spreading on paths or areas; the swing tailgate is then only opened up to a specified angle. The required degree of opening can be set in a few simple manoeuvres. It is also possible to quickly change between unlimited and a limited swing function. If requested by the customer, this option can be selected for heavy-duty dump trailers in the HP series.

Source: Peter Kröger GmbH