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News for push-off trailers

Push-off trailers have become firmly established in agricultural use for a long time. They are also being increasingly used in the forestry and waste disposal industries. Currently, KRÖGER has introduced a semitrailer version in the market.

Push-off trailer made by KRÖGER - agroliner now also available as a semitrailer

KRÖGER commercial vehicles presented the innovative agroliner push-off trailer as a semitrailer at DELUTA 2018 (Type: SAW32). This means the tried and trusted transport concept is also available for semitrailer tractors in future or in combination with tractor and dolly trailer. The semitrailer version offers all the familiar advantages of a push-off trailer, such as standing firmly during the unloading process, compressing various light goods, quick to empty completely. A significant advantage of the semitrailer technology in contrast to the tandem or trigem alternatives is the excellent stability while driving, even when hitched to light tractors or semitrailer tractors, which not only results in advantages regarding driving stability, but also regarding the payload.Semitrailer (Type: SAW32)

The push-off semitrailer will initially be delivered exclusively in the two-axle design. The standard version already includes a mechanical-hydraulic forced steering system installed. This ensures that the large-volume vehicle remains very flexible and manoeuvrable. You can choose from parabolic or air suspension for the vehicle suspension. Depending on the use, the trailer can be fitted with high pressure or low pressure tyres. The cargo area can be designed with a capacity of up to 48 m³ (water capacity). A license for use on public roads can be granted for 40, 60 or 105 km/h, depending on the equipment.

Source: Peter Kröger GmbH