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The miracle worker – the TSK 210 tandem three-way tipper

A sturdy Hardox 450 floor, tipping on three sides – the TSK 210 T, on display in the Freigelände, at Fliegl Booth 721/9, demonstrates technology and material for a wide range of applications.


New: A loading height of only 1,100 mm, a robust loading space in original Hardox 450 capable of taking even heavy loads, tipping options on three sides and the transportation of construction machines – the focus was on multifunctional use during the development of this tandem three-way tipper.

Technical data: Right from the start, the tandem three-way tipper trailer was one of the most successful models to leave the production line in Triptis. Its most important feature is its low unladen weight of only 4,200 kg. This allows the platform, with its extremely robust steel side panels, a length of 5,000 mm and a width of 2,420 mm, to accommodate loads weighing more than 16,800 kg. Increased ground clearance minimises possible damage during off-road use. This aim is further achieved by routing the connection lines in and through the drawbar. The air suspension is tailored to off-road use and equipped with a raising and lowering valve, thus offering increased safety during the loading of construction machinery. A tipping angle of 47⁰ to the rear and 50⁰ to the sides for smooth discharge, even of cohesive loads, and a support for an excavator scoop on the bulkhead; these are just a few of the many features of the newly designed threeway tandem tipper TSK 210 T from Fliegl. A further advantage is central locking of the side panels. A payload of over 16,800 kg is possible and can be used both for the transport of bulk materials or small construction machines. Aluminium ramps with a load capacity of 10,000 kg are provided to allow problem-free loading and unloading of self-propelled machines in any location.

Advantages: The tipper body is designed for continuous use even under tough conditions and scores with a wealth of practical details such as 10-t lashing. A through-running tipping shaft on the rear transfers all loads smoothly to the steel chassis. This ensures the long service life of the tandem tipper. The five-stage hydraulic cylinder is supplied with oil by the tractor vehicle. The continuous steel folding side panels are swing-mounted and equipped with central locking. Return springs on both side panels facilitate closing for the driver. Bulk materials are enclosed by side panels with a height of 600 mm. The two-section, swing-mounted rear panel is ideal when using the TSK 210 T for the transportation of construction machinery. The second strong point of the trailer is revealed here.

Two aluminium ramps can be carried in a protected compartment beneath the loading area. They can be quickly and easily fitted in order to load a construction machine onto the tandem tipper. Their high load-bearing capacity of 10,000 kg per pair and a length of 3,600 mm allow realisation of a flat drive-up angle. In sum, these details show that great emphasis was placed during the design process on ensuring a broad range of applications. Despite its many ingenious and user-friendly details and options, the new TSK 210 T weighs only 4,200 kg and has a permissible total weight of 21,000 kg. This allows problem-free use of the three-way tandem tipper to transport small excavators and other machines. The easy-to-operate folding rear support guarantees safe loading and unloading – even without a tractor vehicle attached. 

Options: The TSK 210 T is ideal for a wide range of applications. Its completely new design has been tailored to the requirements of series production, allowing fast manufacturing of even large quantities of the three-way tandem tipper. The numerous load-securing options are worthy of mention. Each of the side panels is equipped with two pairs of lashing eyes. These are supplemented by a further five pairs of 10-tonne lashing eyes in the floor. This allows optimum and reliable securing of any load on the tandem tipper. The necessary fastening materials can be stowed away safely in a lockable toolbox.

Source: Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH