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PM: 60 years of mechanical precision (1959-2019)

The first Italian producer of hydraulic cranes mounted on trucks will celebrate this very important anniversary on the occasion of Bauma 2019


PM, the first Italian producer of truck mounted hydraulic cranes will have its 60 year anniversary this year. As integral part of PM Oil&Steel S.p.A., the brand has been present on the market since 1959 thanks to its technologically advanced products, high quality with premium customer service, which has allowed it to build solid relationships with its customers and gain market share in Italy and abroad.

PM choose to celebrate the 60th anniversary together with its customers and partners at Bauma 2019, the most important international event in the construction machinery sector, to be held in Munich from 8 to 14 April. On this occasion PM will unveil a brand new range of products to the press and its customers. The event will take place on Wednesday, 10 April 2019, at 11.00 am, stand B4 n. 339.

The History

Precisione Meccanica srl - renamed Autogru PM - was born in Modena in 1959 and since then has operated in the hydraulic truck mounted crane sector, designing and producing high quality cranes. In the 60s company grew sensibly and in 1972 became a SpA. - the Italian version of limited liability companies of big dimension. At the same time, it expanded its workforce, enhancing the technical and commercial expertise and propelling itself as a leading company in both Italian and international markets. The further development of the company, in parallel with the rapid evolution of the transportation sector, allowed a production of over 1,000 cranes at the beginning of the 1980s, consolidating a leading position in the market. The business cycle of design-manufacturing-sales was then integrated with a “specific technical assistance service”, while the expansion of the range continued with the inclusion of models made for special applications, marine and railway. Important updates and a significant strengthening of the design department lead to the creation of original and specific IT procedures, suitable for the most sophisticated project verifications. PM thus exceeded the threshold of the 30th year of activity with an important presence in the market and a business situation that can be summarized with the following data: 140 employees, 42,000 square meters of total surface, of which 15,000 square meters for factories and offices and a production capacity of 2,000 cranes per year.

Highly qualified human resources together with technical and technological expertise allowed PM in the 90s, as well as in 2000s, to reach a production capacity of more than 4,000 cranes a year, and to continue to be one of the main actors in the market for hydraulic cranes of the future.

PM’s numbers

Today the numbers and size of PM are extremely relevant. Currently, the product range counts more than 50 series, with over 350 possible configurations. From the design to the construction of the steel structures, from the quality control of the materials to the final testing, everything is carried out at the two PM plants, with a total surface area of 130,000 square meters, of which 62,000 square meters indoor, one in San Cesario S / P (MO) and the other one in Arad (Romania). In addition, PM has nearly 300 employees, with production facilities located in Europe, direct sales branches in North America, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Dubai and Singapore. In addition to our own branches, the direct contact with customers is held by a network of over 300 dealers, partners, and customer service centers.

Mission and values

Commitment, responsibility, and customer orientation are the values that have always characterized PM and guide every choice, every new project and investment that make PM a reliable partner. In 60 years of activities, PM has always focused on technological research, product innovation, and a service level that is up to the most stringent quality standards. These are the reasons its cranes are sold in over 100 countries in the world.

Source: PM Oil & Steel S.p.A.