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Oil & Steel at bauma 2019




Oil&Steel, Brand of PM Oil & Steel Spa, a leading manufacturer and distributer of aerial platforms, will be present at Bauma 2019 (Munich 8-14 April) to showcase its wide range of products.


In an outdoor area of approximately 300 square meters (FS No. 1306/2), full range of crawler (Octopus) and truck-mounted (Snake and Scorpion) products will be presented highlighting the diversity of truck and pick-up options available for installation.

For over 20 years, Oil & Steel has been involved in designing state-of-the-art and high-quality aerial access platforms suitable for high reach work areas. To meet the needs of customers in many different applications, Oil & Steel will now have a more complete range of products. Among the models on display, there will bee Snake 2111 J PLUS - a double articulated platform with jib with a working height of 21 meters and 11 meters of outreach. It has a 120 kg capacity and is equipped with H-stabilizers. This configuration simplifies the stabilization process allowing for maximum flexibility and ensuring complete safety at work. The Snake range of machines can also be installed on a Ford Ranger pick-up through a special set up “147.” New design and new materials for controls assure strength and durability over time, as well as the protection of the devices in normal use.

Oil & Steel has always put special focus on environmentally friend solutions. At Bauma, the company will show, for the first time, a battery-powered Octopus 14 and Scorpion 2013 Hybrid (battery and engine) platforms, that have been equipped with Lithium battery packs which, in addition to requiring zero maintenance, have an 8x longer life cycle than lead batteries and allow at least 10 years of use. The initial higher investment than a standard machine is estimated to be recovered over the first two years of use thanks to the greater efficiency and lower cost of the power source compared to the fuel. A full charge assures a full day of work without interruption and equivalent performance compared to the engine use. It is also possible, when an electrical network is available, to work while continuing to recharge the battery. The BMS (Battery management system) features advanced cell balancing/control functions (tested in conditions of overcharging, short circuit, mechanical shock/vibration and deep discharge), fault detection and charge optimization even after long periods of inactivity, which ensure maximum safety and stability. Information on the status of the battery (% charge, fault indication, etc.) can be monitored on a display on the battery compartment, on the platform control unit, and on the remote-control display.

The hybrid machine represents the ideal solution for jobs requiring the same performance as models driven by a combustion engine but with ZERO emissions and no noise pollution. Customers can maximize productivity thanks to the Start & Stop system and the automatic management of the electric motor based on the power actually required for the job or when there are no connections or it is not possible to have cables / electrical plugs.

All these features make electric and hybrid models the ideal choice for the work environment of the future.

Safety is also one of the strengths of the new range of platforms of Oil & Steel. As a matter of fact, all the models are equipped with state-of-the art safety devices, including load limiter, inclinometer, inclination sensor, and hydraulic pressure sensor that are integrated by control sensors, emergency stop switches, and back up manual emergency lowering control.

Oil & Steel will also present Snake 2413, Snake 2010 H PLUS and Scorpion 2112 J at Bauma 2019.

Source: PM Oil & Steel S.p.A.