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Apex 2014, Amsterdam: from June 24 to 26, 2014, at the booths 665 - 675 (Hall 1), will be possible discover some of the new Oil & Steel aerial platforms that will be shortly launched onto the international market.


Platforms with innovative design, solid and able to excellent  performances capable of great performance: a great opportunity to try out the progress, in technology and style, that the company has made for some of its top of the range models, with the main goal of constant development and improvements on its quality standard.

Octopus 1402, one of the best-selling "spiders" of Oil&Steel, is marked by significant performance in minimum size - 200 kg capacity and 14 meter working height. It is often used in gardens and verandas maintenance thanks to its reduced size (only 780 mm wide x 1950 mm and 3520 mm long) and the ability to disassemble the basket with closed machine. The platform is available with ,both wire and remote control, which provides maximum freedom from the intrusiveness of branches or bushes during translation.

Octopus 18 is a double pantograph platform with a lifting capacity up to 200 kg ( two operators + equipment) with a special stabilization system mounted in multiple areas which allows the operator to work - if necessary - on a single front, halving in this way the dimensions of the stabilizers. Maximum working height of 18 meters. As optional there is the chance of having a rotating JIB at 45 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left which, added to the rotating drum of the series, allows a total rotation of 90 degrees to the right and 90 degrees to the left. This special rotation system is a Oil & Steel exclusive.

The new Scorpion 1812 is the evolution of the historical Oil & Steel model Scorpion 1812: a very important technological upgrade that brought this platform to achieve even more astonishing performance.

The main news of the new Scorpion 1812 are:

- Increase of the maximum capacity à from 200 to 225 kg

- New rotating system column with "thrust ball bearing" à a more powerful and reliable PLE

- Elimination of the extendable crossbars: smaller footprint stabilization but same performance of the first version; greater ease of use.

- New Electro and hydraulic system and redesign of the safety functions: compliance with EN 13849.

NEW Snake 2010 H PLUS. The major aim of the newest version of this model is to place onto the market more and more compact and lightweight platform, adaptable to any type of work at height.

Among the main improvements:

- Installation of PLE on short wheelbase (2900): shorter, compact and lightweight platform, with higher and higher performance

- Max capacity from 200 to 250 kg

- New stabilization system with vertical drop-down (“H type”): possibility of stabilizing in shape

- Front extensible crossbars: higher max. outreach

During Apex 2014 Oil&Steel will also organize a Charity Auction called "A BIG HEART, A GREAT PLATFORM" in which will be sold one unit of Octopus 18.

Oil&Steel is proposing an extraordinary low bid price of the machine: any money added by the customer will be entirely donated to the charity Association Compassion (

A wonderful opportunity to purchase a fantastic equipment and make somebody smile.

APEX 2014, 24-25-26 June 2014, Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre – Booths 665-675 Hall 1, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Source: PM Oil & Steel S.p.A.