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The orchard and vineyard shredder range expands with the BVR 100 series

The BVR 100 series shredders enter the KUHN range of grass and pruning shredders BV 10 and BV 100 series intended for vineyard and orchard maintenance.


The BVR 100 series is very versatile in its use and is characterised by the choice of a fixed coupling for frontal use or a double coupling with hydraulic offset for front or rear use. The BVR shredder is the ideal machine to shred large volumes of shoots up to 8 cm in diameter, grass or small brush. These compact shredders work easily in vineyards and orchards with their working widths ranging from 1.53 to 1.91 m.

The entry of pruning swaths, even of large volume, is facilitated by the possibility of choosing between a single hitch or double coupling with hydraulic offset (front or rear use).  Equipped with a rotor of 423 mm in diameter, 1.2 kg hammer knives and 3 counter knives, the obtained shredding quality allows ensuring fast decomposition of even very woody residues.

With the new PowerQuad IV belts and the new central gearbox that equip the BVR range, the power transmission is significantly improved with a number of equivalent belts. The reliability of the drive and the minimum maintenance to be provided will undoubtedly save time and money to winegrowers and arborists.

The rollers with removable ends are easily adjustable and any intervention is quick and at a lower cost. The hammer knives are designed to avoid marking the rotor tube in case of shocks and backlash.

Source: KUHN S.A.