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Christoph Grimme founds start-up

With the founding of Schmiede.ONE in march 2017, based in Düsseldorf, Christoph Grimme has started a company that specializes in internet and software issues, which amongst other things will allow Grimme to develop their digital technology further. Market trends will be spotted early and practical digital solutions should be developed.


Schmiede.ONE are setting up an online portal for used machinery and machinery brokers, which is very different to a normal portal. The user will enter his machines details, and will then receive price suggestions. This saves the owner a lot of time and effort. The slow and troublesome negotiations with other potential customers is completely avoided. The first version of this software will be available for GRIMME, SPUDNIK and ASA-LIFT machines to begin with. This service is unique to the used agricultural machines market and will be demonstrated and made live at Agritechnica 2017.

Schmiede.ONE also deals with matters outside of the agricultural industry. The digitization of process chains in the food-industry, service, artificial intelligence sectors etc. are all other current fields in which the newly started company is operating within.

GRIMME are no strangers to new business start-ups, in fact it has become a bit of a specialty for the business over the last 80 years. After originally starting as a blacksmiths, GRIMME agricultural machinery was built up by Christoph Grimme’s grandfather, Franz Grimme senior in 1936. In 1987 Franz Grimme founded the company INTERNORM also based in Damme, where the highly durable plastic Polyurethan is produced for usage in GRIMME machines. As a result of his vision, the company has blossomed into a very successful business with over 160 employees.

This entrepreneurial spirit is deeply ingrained within the Grimme family, and Christoph Grimme has continued to build on what those before him have achieved by launching Schmiede.ONE. He will form an important link between the two businesses as he continues in both his roles in management at Schmiede.One as well as managing international production at GRIMME. In the digital world rapid solutions to problems are vital, high lead times and a lack of innovation would severely damage competitiveness. For this reason, Schmiede.ONE is operating completely independently from all other GRIMME businesses, in order to minimize response times and cater for the customers of the rapidly developing market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG