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Loading space detection Smart Scan detects loading capacities and supports logisticians

Load capacities are detected and better used thanks to the intelligent load space detection Krone Smart Scan.

With Krone Smart Scan, dispatchers receive fast and reliable information about exactly where loading capacity is available on the vehicle. The Krone load space detection system presented in 2016 has been optimised and enables digital support and intelligent load space detection by means of camera and sensors. The system was awarded the "Trailer Award" in the "Smart Trailer" category.

Krone Smart Scan provides an overview of the cargo area via camera. The dispatcher follows the trailer in real time and sees how many parking spaces are currently occupied in the hold. To record the available loading area, the image is evaluated using an intelligent algorithm.

Advantages of Smart Scan cargo hold detection

  • Detect cargo space in real time

  • Avoidance of empty runs and empty storage areas

  • Increasing transport efficiency


Source: Krone