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Smart Track and Trace records all load carriers in the supply chain

Krone presents its Smart Track and Trace recognition system for load carriers at transport logistic in Munich.


Krone Smart Track and Trace supports the loading and unloading processes of transports by means of sensors. It fully supports the monitoring of the supply chain, even the storage and sales areas. The load carriers are provided with beacons (=radio beacons) which collect and send information. Quantities, weights, shocks, receivers, positions, etc. are displayed transparently and comprehensibly for customers and end customers.

During transport, there is a seamless exchange of information with the Krone Telematics Portal. Communication between Beacons and the Krone Telematics Unit is via interface. This enables a transparent flow of goods, which is displayed on the Krone Telematics Portal and the App. The dispatchers are informed in real time which goods are on board in which condition and how much loading capacity is still available. Krone Smart Track and Trace can be combined with Krone Smart Capacity Management. In this way, the dispatchers can quickly and reliably find out how many capacities are available where exactly on the vehicle.

Key advantages of Smart Track and Trace for load carriers

  • transparent documentation and seamless tracking of load carriers and their goods along the value chain

  • Maximum vehicle utilisation when combined with Krone Capacity Management


Source: Krone