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One for all: The Krone Profi Liner with Safe Curtain

With the Profi Liner, Krone presents a genuine all-round vehicle that can be used in a wide variety of situations. For example, the 30 mm thick, waterproof, glued and all-round phenolic-coated and sealed panel floor, which is designed for floor  forklift axle loads of up to 7000 kg, forklift axle load, stands for practical robust and hard-wearing equipment.


The load securing equipment, which can be extended using the modular principle, is  also highly practical. The Profi Liner is equipped as standard with the proven MultiLock outer frame with lashing options at 100 mm intervals along each side rail.  distance.

The Krone trailer axles are also professional, designed to the highest standard, for which Krone gives a guarantee of six years - with no mileage restrictions for on-road use in the EU. Furthermore, Krone Telematics Pro Dry 2 stands for the best possible control of the vehicle - monitoring the location, operating data, coupling status and error messages from the brake system.

The certified load securing curtain Safe Curtain, in which high-strength spring steel strips are integrated in vertical PVC tunnel pockets in the sides curtains, also contributes to the certified load securing. Thanks to this technology, Krone offers load securing per side curtain without the need for standard slats. The advantage: Not only is the Safe Curtain easier, safer and faster to handle, but compared to the conventional side curtain with plug-in slats, there is also a weight saving of around 90 kg.

A further plus point: The integrated spring steel strips also have an anti-theft function in the vertical direction: If the curtain is wilfully cut, only the cut to the next spring steel strip is possible. Repairing the tarpaulin is just as easy as with a standard side curtain.   tarpaulin. In addition, accidents at work caused by falling slats are a thing of the past.

The Safe Curtain can be upgraded for all common Krone sliding curtain trailers. Safe Curtain is certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL (up to 140 km/h), VDI 2700 ff beverage certificate and Daimler 9.5. The rear load securing in the semi-trailer is still possible via using locking bars.


Source: Krone