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Telescopic Handler

6.26 Classic, improved visibility and performance

The continual improvement of the machines proposed by Faresin Industries results from customer experience which is gathered and collated by the R&D department. This process requires a direct line of contact with customers and allows for constant improvement of the solutions offered.

A new engine bonnet design on the Small Range 6.26 Classic telescopic handler was introduced to improve the dissipation of the heat generated by the engine and, above all, to increase operator visibility in blind spots. The solution was achieved by developing the bonnet in ABS, a highly resistant plastic material which led both to greater bonnet strength and a revamp of the handle for closure.

7.30 Classic, but only on the outside

Even though the outward appearance has not changed, a whole host of new features have been introduced in this series of Compact Range telescopic handlers, intended for multi-purpose uses with a medium workload. The engine has been updated with the new Deutz AG TCD 3.6 Series 55.4, 74 and 100 kW 4-cylinder turbo models to comply with emissions regulations.

The 55.4 kW model, which complies with Final TIER 4 engine emission levels, is particularly interesting because it does not feature SCR technology and therefore, does not require an AdBlue tank. The transmission has also been upgraded to latest generation electronic control, which is more accurate and comfortable, offering greater flexibility in using the machine.

The most interesting upgrade, however, is the introduction of a hydraulic load sensing pump that, with a maximum flow of 180 litres/min, guarantees high performance at a lower rpm and, therefore, a decrease in consumption that is almost 50%, based on the experience of Faresin Industries R&D centre. An outstanding result that stems from listening to feedback on customer requirements.

8.40 VPSe, greater performance and lower consumptions

In the Middle Range telescopic handler series, Faresin Industries has focused heavily on performance and consumption with a consistent series of upgrades. The first improvement to be introduced is dedicated to an increase in work performance.

The Faresin Industries R&D centre has aimed at increasing hydraulic power and improving its use. The new 180 litre/min Load Sensing circuit at 250 bars already promises an exceptionally high performance level in outreach movements. However, users also need hydraulic power to manage multiple activities at the same time without losing fluidity of movement or increasing consumption.

Faresin Industries has succeeded in meeting all these requests. Thanks to the new Ecofast valve which recovers hydraulic oil power, the boom re-entry movements require less engine power, so allowing it to perform better in other simultaneous activities such as travel, etc. All this with significant time and consumption savings.

The engine has also been upgraded to comply with Final Tier 4 engine emission standards.  The engine is the Deutz AG 4-cylinder turbo, TCD 3.6 series, 100 kW. The efficiency of the transmission has also been increased thanks to the latest, more precise and efficient electronic management, which now reaches 40 km/h in the agricultural version. High transport performance and greater flexibility in using the machine together with reduced consumption. The payload with maximum outreach has also been increased to 4.5 tonnes while the fork rotation angle has been extended to now reach 150°. Overall, performance has been increased and consumptions have been cut: not bad as a result.

9.60 VPSe, new Final Tier 4 engines

The Heavy Duty Range of machines for intense workloads such as in biogas plants or for shifting grain, has been upgraded. In order to respond to the emissions regulations, the new 100 kW TED Deutz AG series 3.6, turbocharged four-cylinder engines were introduced with low consumption levels. The 9.60 VPSe handler is Faresin Industries flagship machine, featuring a fully automatic hydrostatic transmission with dual control with 4-wheel drive and three steering methods. The hydraulic circuit, designed for intense workloads, has a 180 l/min Load Sensing pump at 250 bars.

Source: Faresin Industries S.p.A