Qiky: Introduction of the start-up

In June 2021, Philipp Ellsäßer and Simon Gies founded the GbR named after them. The aim of the two was the simple integration of information on the construction machine. This resulted in their first product: the digital nameplate. Since the integration into the Klaus Stewering Group, not only the product portfolio has expanded but also the company has developed into QIKY GmbH.

QIKY offers the digital documentation directly at the product: Too often data is copied from a digital environment and printed out. Important information is thus stored in analog form in various places. If it is needed, it is difficult to find or not available on the construction site. QIKY ensures that documentation can be accessed directly at the machine throughout the entire life cycle. The digital twin directly at the product.

Digital instructions at the product and the unlimited possibility of information transfer ensure increased safety in handling machines. Training videos are available on the product, and digital documentation can be used to prove that training has taken place at any time. Manufacturers can stay connected to their product and receive direct feedback from the end user. Machine operators can access stored instructions at any time if they are unclear about proper handling. Safety on the construction site is increased.

Inspection documentation can be carried out and filed using applications on the product. Everything is just a QR code scan away at any time. The quick adaptation of the documents as well as the permanent access save unnecessary business trips, paper and thus resources. Central information processing at the product.

By connecting additional tools, legally compliant documents can be generated, which could be referred to in case of discrepancies. By using a digital handover document, for example, the state of loading can be documented and defects can be traced. By means of location assignment, forwarders can find out the destination via QR code scan. The document history for the complete life cycle.

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Qiky QIKY – Quick Information Key - industry news

QIKY – Quick Information Key

QIKY brings the information where it is needed: At the machine! Whether as a digital nameplate for manufacturers of construction machinery and attachments or as a sticker for the fleet of rental companies and construction firms. Quick and easy information transfer thanks to QR code scanning without installing an app or software.



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