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EASI Control was founded in June 2020. The ConTec startup has its headquarters in Hamm and offers a digital solution specifically for the challenges of the construction industry - software as a service (SaaS) for occupational health and safety (ohs) management. The software offers a comprehensive overview of the entire ohs system. The startup supports companies in integrating existing data into the system, offers templates and many other options to make the processes more efficient. Forget about paper chaos, disorder and document loss - with the cloud-based solution.

Users are automatically informed by notifications of the need for action as soon as a measure is due. Digital ohs through EASI Control offers the best conditions for efficient management of employees, workplaces and equipment, as well as risk assessments, hazardous materials, subcontractors, inspections, operating instructions, accidents, first-aid log and much more. The mobile app helps to quickly complete tasks on the go and enables mobile reporting. In addition, EASI Control provides the option for extensive audits with just a few clicks. The cloud-based software is suitable for supporting complete management systems in accordance with certifications like AMS Bau, SCC or ISO 45001. Over 3000 users manage occupational safety and health protection digitally with EASI Control and ensure a more effective prevention culture in their organization.

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EASI Control

With numerous functions, many processes are simplified. Through our mobile app, all relevant information is available directly on site, as well as a quick overview of the location, devices, hazardous materials, employees and safety deficiencies. Measures such as creating risk assessments or conducting instructions can be completed with just a few clicks. EASI Control supports the legally compliant handling of ohs and simplifies complex processes through digital documentation, offers more flexibility in processing and at the same time reduces the organizational effort.


EASI Control GmbH

Münsterstraße 5

59065 Hamm

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